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The academic world is accepting astrology May 28, 2006

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The academic world is accepting astrology. For the last 2000 year the skills of astrology had fallen into disrepute and what shreds of knowledge that had remained were but a shadow of its former self. But now the world turns and we are privileged to see the beginnings of serious study into the world of astrology, and here’s hoping palmistry will soon follow.   

Kepler College in Washington USA has been granted the power to issue both bachelor's and master's degrees in astrological studies and, as reported in The Mountain Astrologer, a new course at Haverford College in Pennsylvania is entitled “History of the Occult and Witchcraft". It sounds exciting but underneath a catchy title is a comprehensive historical study. We didn’t just get clever (lets not talk about war mongering) in this scientific era. There were incredibility clever people around in the Middle Ages too (and they war mongered too). All movers and shakers in the ancient community knew astrology. It was fundamental to how they lived their lives, very much like the computer is to us now. And they would have laughed to read of daily sun sign columns. Yes, at me too, since I do a seasonal sun sign forecast. But hey, one has to move with the times. 

I have looked closely at the Kepler College course and have heard one of its academic staff speak at a conference and believe me, this is no Mickey Mouse course.  I’ve done a degree or two and this one is in-depth and very involved focusing on the history, philosophy and techniques of astrology. We can take back ownership of the knowledge lost. In my spare time I would like to take some units for my own interest. But “what spare time” I hear you ask. So I’ve factored that in for my next life. Even
Japan is getting in on the act with an astrologer with a MA in Jungian studies lecturing on astrology and divination.  
 We are moving into a new era and this is just one example of how the intellectual journey is opening the collective up to new (or is that old) ideas.  

Yours in the starsKerry   

The meaning of time May 24, 2006

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We all feel like time is running out and we have no time to do what we want. We think of here and now. But consider a different mindset. It is the tradition of the Iroquois Indians to test the wisdom of all their decisions against the following criteria; will it increase the well-being of the seventh generation to come?
For them, time stretches into the future, the future of the unborn. They recognized that time travels in a circle; hence what we do in one time comes back to us in the future.

We can look at the planets to gain more understanding about time and its cycles.
One that is a good example is the cycle of Mars. This planet takes two years to return to its original position. So in astrology it takes two years to travel once around your chart.

Mars is the planet of will power, self-determination and assertiveness. So we are two years old when we start to learn how to use Mars. And guess what; this is the time we call the “terrible two’s” and it’s when a child first tries out their will-power on their parents. Every two years we re-experience the first time we met Mars. Difficulties here can be seen in the temper tantrums of adults.

Another cycle is the eight year cycle of Venus. Every eight years we feel a heightened need to reconnect with others through relationships. This is a stimulating time where existing relationships are improved or discarded, and new relationships are sought.

Amongst other cycles is the Jupiter and Saturn cycle and these meet in the heavens approx every 20 years. These outline the behavior of whole generations and here we see clearly the foundation of the Iroquois Indians beliefs about time. Maybe it’s “about time” we thought like them so we look to the well-being of the seventh generation to come.
Yours in the heavens

Valentino Rossi’s hands May 22, 2006

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My bike mad partner spotted a photo of Valentino Rossi’s hands while flipping through a book while shopping. He called me over and I frantically tried to remember the details so I could share them with you. How I wished I had pen and paper but time was running out so memory will have to do.


If you don’t know, Rossi is a multiple world champion motorcycle Grand Prix winner. If he is on a bike that can do the distance, then it seems no one can beat him.

His hands were fascinating and showed a strong willed man with a sensitive soul. A couple of thing jumped right out. First his head line changed direction about three, if not four times. This is most unusual and indicates a person who will undergo deep changes in beliefs and changes in his very style of thinking. When he does change his direction in life he will do something radically different. So this is man who will not be involved in the one sport all his life. Or even remain in the sporting or competitive arena all his life. 


There is also an island on the life line of his left hand. If he is a dominant right hander then the left hand is his passive hand, hence the hand that shows what happening to him personally, not necessarily what we will see. This island shows that Rossi in his late 20’s or early 30’s will undergo an inner personal crisis of faith. He will lose his direction. He is now 27.


So now we have a rough idea of when the first crisis in Ross’s life will occur. Next I speed raced (bad pun) to his birth chart and low and behold, I see
Neptune zooming (more bad puns) up to sit on his Mars. It’s coming right now, and will peak next year then spend another year going away. Now here is a man know for his fiercely competitive nature and that’s pure warrior and mars energy. Along comes Neptune who represents the whole volume of the oceans, a watery fluid-like creative gently energy.


So guess what I think will happen to this racing warrior. He will wonder what’s happening to him. The need for speed will no longer be important to him. He may lose the plot completely but remember the changing head line. He half expects to change his beliefs, so he may just think time has come to do something different. And for the next 2-3 years that may mean he goes surfing. It will be interesting to watch.

Yours in the heavens


And I didn’t even know what WESAK was! May 17, 2006

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At a workshop on friday night and someone said it was WESAK. Well I asked "what's that" and all eyes turned to me and said its celebrating the Budda's birthday and its on the full moon in May.

Well, strange feelings arose and I realised that to these ( quite wonderful) people I was a authority on astrology, so I should know what the full moon in May was.
Well now I certainly do; and next year I will turn my thoughts to all those like minded individuals in the world working together in meditation and sharing loving kindness to each other.

The same thing happens when someone askes, "where's the moon tonight". I frantically search my brain and then say, "dunno, the damn thing keeps moving all the time."
Not exactly wht they expect!
So I am an astrologer who cannot keep up to the pace of the beautiful Moon who glides gracefull across the heavens. She records our emotions, feelings and memories. My Moon is in water o'l Pisces which perhaps explains why my memory is unclear and fluctuates just like the waxing and waning of the Moon.
Yours in the heavens, Kerry

Hello world May 17, 2006

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Well, here I am. Beginning my foray into the exciting and challenging world of blogging. And if I had done an electional chart on the best time to start something I certainly would NOT have chosen NOW.

An electional chart is when one decides to challenge fate and decide the best time to do something based on the position of the planets.

Right now there is no "harmony in the spheres", as the ancients would have said. I am represented by the Moon in Capricorn, a very severe place for the sensitive and feeling moon. Then I am confronted by an deeply angry Mars in Cancer who feels ineffective and watns to lash out. Poor Venus in Aries is trying to hold the whole dynamic together. Shes dressed like a warrior and itching to fight.

So what does this tell me about my blogging journey. Hold onto your hat, it will be interesesting to say the least. So I will struggle, but damn it, I'm going to do it anyhow.

Yours in the stars