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And I didn’t even know what WESAK was! May 17, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Links.

At a workshop on friday night and someone said it was WESAK. Well I asked "what's that" and all eyes turned to me and said its celebrating the Budda's birthday and its on the full moon in May.

Well, strange feelings arose and I realised that to these ( quite wonderful) people I was a authority on astrology, so I should know what the full moon in May was.
Well now I certainly do; and next year I will turn my thoughts to all those like minded individuals in the world working together in meditation and sharing loving kindness to each other.

The same thing happens when someone askes, "where's the moon tonight". I frantically search my brain and then say, "dunno, the damn thing keeps moving all the time."
Not exactly wht they expect!
So I am an astrologer who cannot keep up to the pace of the beautiful Moon who glides gracefull across the heavens. She records our emotions, feelings and memories. My Moon is in water o'l Pisces which perhaps explains why my memory is unclear and fluctuates just like the waxing and waning of the Moon.
Yours in the heavens, Kerry

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