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Hello world May 17, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Links.

Well, here I am. Beginning my foray into the exciting and challenging world of blogging. And if I had done an electional chart on the best time to start something I certainly would NOT have chosen NOW.

An electional chart is when one decides to challenge fate and decide the best time to do something based on the position of the planets.

Right now there is no "harmony in the spheres", as the ancients would have said. I am represented by the Moon in Capricorn, a very severe place for the sensitive and feeling moon. Then I am confronted by an deeply angry Mars in Cancer who feels ineffective and watns to lash out. Poor Venus in Aries is trying to hold the whole dynamic together. Shes dressed like a warrior and itching to fight.

So what does this tell me about my blogging journey. Hold onto your hat, it will be interesesting to say the least. So I will struggle, but damn it, I'm going to do it anyhow.

Yours in the stars



1. Kerry - June 28, 2006

Hello Glenda,
Thanks for your comments and waving and saying hello as you passed by. And stay tuned as I will be writing more. Will try each week but I bet its more like once a fortnight. But I promise (!) it will be fortnightly or it will break my little virgo ego not to be reliable :-)But you know how life “gets in the way” sometime.
I have already chatted to Maggie regarding her comment offline and it been good to chat to you as well. Yours in the stars, Kerry

2. Glenda Pickering - June 28, 2006

Hi Kerry, A friend has just forwarded your newsletter which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I love your light hearted approach and the way you make things easy for us less knowledgable souls to understand. The newsletter then of course led me to this site. I love it and look forward to tuning in to future editions. If I ever get over your way I will definitely try to look you up. All the best for everything you are striving for. Regards, Glenda.

3. maggie jane flowers - June 15, 2006

dont know what url mens but greatly enjoyed the contents of your web page i shall continue to watch with interest. kerry can you read hands without the person being there? if it is possible i would love to have it done. please let me know. i did not realize before that you did palmistry. congratulations on the launch of your web page, i am sure it ill be very well received by all your friends an clients both. warmest best ishes maggie.

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