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The meaning of time May 24, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Links.

We all feel like time is running out and we have no time to do what we want. We think of here and now. But consider a different mindset. It is the tradition of the Iroquois Indians to test the wisdom of all their decisions against the following criteria; will it increase the well-being of the seventh generation to come?
For them, time stretches into the future, the future of the unborn. They recognized that time travels in a circle; hence what we do in one time comes back to us in the future.

We can look at the planets to gain more understanding about time and its cycles.
One that is a good example is the cycle of Mars. This planet takes two years to return to its original position. So in astrology it takes two years to travel once around your chart.

Mars is the planet of will power, self-determination and assertiveness. So we are two years old when we start to learn how to use Mars. And guess what; this is the time we call the “terrible two’s” and it’s when a child first tries out their will-power on their parents. Every two years we re-experience the first time we met Mars. Difficulties here can be seen in the temper tantrums of adults.

Another cycle is the eight year cycle of Venus. Every eight years we feel a heightened need to reconnect with others through relationships. This is a stimulating time where existing relationships are improved or discarded, and new relationships are sought.

Amongst other cycles is the Jupiter and Saturn cycle and these meet in the heavens approx every 20 years. These outline the behavior of whole generations and here we see clearly the foundation of the Iroquois Indians beliefs about time. Maybe it’s “about time” we thought like them so we look to the well-being of the seventh generation to come.
Yours in the heavens

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