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The academic world is accepting astrology May 28, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Links.

The academic world is accepting astrology. For the last 2000 year the skills of astrology had fallen into disrepute and what shreds of knowledge that had remained were but a shadow of its former self. But now the world turns and we are privileged to see the beginnings of serious study into the world of astrology, and here’s hoping palmistry will soon follow.   

Kepler College in Washington USA has been granted the power to issue both bachelor's and master's degrees in astrological studies and, as reported in The Mountain Astrologer, a new course at Haverford College in Pennsylvania is entitled “History of the Occult and Witchcraft". It sounds exciting but underneath a catchy title is a comprehensive historical study. We didn’t just get clever (lets not talk about war mongering) in this scientific era. There were incredibility clever people around in the Middle Ages too (and they war mongered too). All movers and shakers in the ancient community knew astrology. It was fundamental to how they lived their lives, very much like the computer is to us now. And they would have laughed to read of daily sun sign columns. Yes, at me too, since I do a seasonal sun sign forecast. But hey, one has to move with the times. 

I have looked closely at the Kepler College course and have heard one of its academic staff speak at a conference and believe me, this is no Mickey Mouse course.  I’ve done a degree or two and this one is in-depth and very involved focusing on the history, philosophy and techniques of astrology. We can take back ownership of the knowledge lost. In my spare time I would like to take some units for my own interest. But “what spare time” I hear you ask. So I’ve factored that in for my next life. Even
Japan is getting in on the act with an astrologer with a MA in Jungian studies lecturing on astrology and divination.  
 We are moving into a new era and this is just one example of how the intellectual journey is opening the collective up to new (or is that old) ideas.  

Yours in the starsKerry   


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