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Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice June 19, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Links.

It’s the Winter Solstice here in Australia and its cold, and well and truly “winter”. Did you know that the full moons in winter are always higher in the sky that those in summer. In winter the moon has gained supremacy, and in ancient times we would watch as the sun moved lower and lower. The days became shorter, night would rule over day, and precious supples from the summer harvest would run low. Then came the one significant day when life would seem to hang in the balance. This is the winter solstice. We would bow low to the gods to give us back the light, and we would be successful because the sun would be born again. (In the northern hemisphere the winter solstice is in December and in Christianity the “son” was born) After this we could see the sun coming back stronger. It would start to win the battle with the nights and we knew life would return and we would survive. The sun would be higher and the full moons lower in the sky. Our crops could grow, the hunt would be successful. And so at the winter solstice, we celebrate the journey through darkness and the inevitable return to light. On a personal level I dislike the cold of winter and now it’s not for survival that I long for the return of the sun. It’s just to be warm again! And it doesn’t even snow here. Maybe I have lizard blood?

Each time that the Sun enters a cardinal sign at the Solstices and Equinoxes it is very significant time in looking at what is happening to all of us. This winter ingress is calculated for when the Sun enters Cancer and is set in Canberra. This ingress certainly does repeat the themes started in the last one. We, the general public, will be discovering new information which put us in conflict with the authorities at our community, work, and any local arena or even at the government level. But last time it was a struggle to separate the fiction from fact. Now we have a good chance to see clearly what is on the agenda and are able to act, even though authorities would prefer it if we didn’t. So it’s a good time to ask questions. Because now we have a good chance of being told the truth. Along with this theme is an increase in our sense of communication and ability to learn. We will be able to understand what each of us needs because our minds are open and intuitive to what is being said. We may use this at any level but specifically we may find ourselves making an effort to reconnect with our family members. We will want answers and we will want to be able to deal with the consequences in a forthright and direct manner. But there may be a possibility of taking steps too far and over reacting. There is and old saying, “don’t kill the messenger”. So in your efforts to deal with situations please make sure it is the situation, not the person who just happens to stand in your way; that you deal with. And similarly, if you feel like the meat in the sandwich, bring the real issue to the minds of those who need the information. If we all wave the flag of open honest and revealing information and we all will benefit.

Best wishes for the Solstice to you all.


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