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To Xena or not to Xena? July 24, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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Next month the big wigs in astronomy are getting together in an international conference to decide if Xena rates as a planet or not. Xena is a great big lump of rock circling our Sun well beyond Pluto. It is the largest of many other lumps of similar rock, but will it make planet status? And what does planet status mean to astrology? Astrology, as the ancients practised it, used only the visible planets and fixed stars for thousands of years. Then beginning in the 1700’s along came Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with a host of named asteroids and the like. So one hand we have thousands of years where astrology was practised by all the important movers and shakers of their time. Astrology was not a separate subject but an integral part of medicine, architecture, government etc, etc. And on the other hand we have the last 300 years with a host of extra bodies to interpret while astrology lost ground to the scientific approach.

So did we muddy the waters and get away from the essence of astrology? I think we did. Astrology is not a science and can never be defined by scientific principles. Adding an extra lump of floating rock to an astrology chart reading does not improve it.

But what is clear is that every time a new planet has been found and accepted, there have been huge changes to our collective view of the world. Fundamental ideas do change and have changed radically since the 1700’s. Xena was discovered in 2004 and since then there has been widespread acceptance of the energy and resource crisis to come. Predominantly oil and here in Australia, water, where we are hit with a barrage of ads on how to save water. 

So I will keep you up to date on the progress of Xena’s status but I think the themes of Xena that we will be looking at in the near future have already been symbolically laid down. She represents the awakening of our earths limited resourses which has feminine overtures with reconnection to the earth mother Gia principle. It’s the feminine reclaiming her power.

One last thought- according to one report I read, an astronomer said that when he tried to get Pluto reclassified as an asteroid a group of US astronomers threatened to throw him into the hotel swimming pool. Makes you wonder what they will get up to this time, because there are many astronomers who do not want any more planets. They think the term will get devalued!

And they think we astrologers are strange?

Yours in the stars


World cup coach uses astrology! July 10, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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Now I don’t follow soccer, or many sports for that matter, and I don’t much care who wins, but I did get excited about the news that the coach of the French team, who came second in the world cup, believes in, and uses astrology.

Raymond Domenech is the coach of the French team who came second in the world cup. He used to get a lot of bad press about his use of astrology, but not anymore. He took his team to fight in the finals and is nearly considered a hero. But admittedly a dejected one this morning after losing to Italy in a penalty shoot out. That means they didn’t really lose at all. (Not sure why, it was all explained to me but I’m still confused and I don’t dare ask again!) He has a fascinating personality; a man of culture and intellect with an abrasive nature. He is a man who took one of his teams to the theatre before a big game, a man who is on record as saying he distrusts players born under the sign of Scorpio, and a man who performs in amateur dramatics.  

He has openly admitted using astrology and tarot to gain insight into his players’ personalities. He says “I do not base myself only on astrology, but in the end, it can have an influence on my decisions”.He was born 24 Jan 1952 in Lyons, France. He is an inventive, lateral thinking Aquarius with his Sun in a close 90 degree square to Mars, the warrior, in the intense and penetrating sign of Scorpio. Ah ha, don’t we find it interesting that he dislikes Scorpio sun signs, but his own warrior Mars is in Scorpio. Perhaps he sees the fact that they would have their own ideas of how to achieve and according to Domenech, only one guy is the boss and that’s him and him alone! His thinking and planning style is Mercury in Capricorn and that means he is very careful, very practical, structured and self-disciplined in his plans. No “pie in the sky” ideas here. His emotional nature, the moon, and his relationship planet, Venus are both in Sagittarius. So this is the side to him that is restless, is willing to take a risk and in his case, reach for the stars. This is in order to understand the connection to people. And we can just see how he would use the knowledge of astrology to plan his team, blending personalities with position on the ground. Harnessing each individual’s strengths, and minimising their weaknesses.  

Now you ask, which team did I pick to win the world cup? You say I’m an astrologer and looking ahead it what we do. Well it’s not that easy. First we must look at the birth chart of France itself, then look at what planets are affecting the countries chart at the time of the game, then look at the chart for when the Sun moved in to Cancer at the Solstice, and how this chart connects with the countries birth chart, then look at Domenechs chart, then the captains chart and perhaps key individual players. And I’m tired just thinking about it, much less doing it. So I’ll leave it to those who have too much time on their hands, and who are actually interested in a game where grown men control a ball without touching it. Why did they decide to make life hard for themselves?

Anyhow, let’s give the guy some credit for standing up for what he believes in, and that’s astrology. Yours in the stars