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Mel Gibson- why did you do it? August 14, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

Here in Australian we used to claim him as our own. But since he was arrested after drunk driving and making anti-Semitic comments, we have called him the “famous Hollywood actor/director”. Talk about a fall from grace and a loss of identity; but why did it happen and how does Mel feel about it? These are the questions that intrigue me and so let’s look at his astrology chart to find the answers.    

Lots have been said about his responsible Capricorn Sun, but this Sun is the indicator that shows us his ego, his vitality and his energy. And while it is strong, it does not make any major aspects to any of his other planets at all. This means that while his Capricorn self-discipline shows us he is a cautious man, it also shows us that he is a man that would always feel alone in any crowd. He would feel alone when young and surrounded by his 9 brothers and sisters, alone while the world admires his work, alone while he surrounds himself with his 7 children – so terribly alone. And what does an ego need to do when it feels like that? It roars to be recognised, and plays up to make him feel visible. For Mel, loneliness can make him feel like the self-control of the Capricorn energy could turn inward and threaten him with darkness.

To add to this dilemma he has his Mars of the warrior, standing shoulder to shoulder with Saturn of the policeman. So a great parcel of his life is the battle between the inner warrior who wants to act (pun intended), to surge forth with energy and assertiveness – and the inner policeman who wants to regulate, to contain, and to organise his inner world.   Now the very centre of his inner world is his Moon which shows us his emotional self, and lo and behold, this is in Libra. Hear the shock in my voice; Libra of the balancing scales! So every time he is in emotional meltdown then the scales will not work to keep his complex inner world in harmony. We can picture him as a tight rope walker on a high wire, but he is riding a bike with the accelerator (Mars) and the brake (Saturn) both jammed on. I can certainly understand why he drinks, but just because he blurs his vision it does not mean it will go away. All it does is let out his dark side and as we learned from Star Wars, we all have the potential for good and bad within us. Not only good and bad behaviour, but good and bad movies!  But now let’s get serious and look at July 28th this year when he came notorious for adding to the religious gun-swinging going on at the moment. First I looked at his Solar Return and the chart for this year has Pluto the god of underworld, not a nice fellow, smack on top of his home life. So there is something going on home that we are not aware of. Something that takes away his control and leaves him at the mercy of circumstances beyond his control – and we know how he, as a Capricorn bike riding tight-rope walker, would like to be able to control it. This is the “something” that stops his Moon’s Libra being able to find a compromise. And hence he goes of the rails. But there is something more. I apologise for sounding like a bad Demtel ad, but the something more is very interesting. At the moment of the arrest, transiting Mars was right on top of his Jupiter. The Jupiter within us indicates our beliefs, our hopes and our faith. And when Mars, the warrior god of action, strikes our belief systems then we feel like we can take action on what we believe in. So he took action on his beliefs. Admittedly it took alcohol to let it out, but what do you think? Is he a religious bigot or not?Regret, yes I think this would strike at his emotional sense of unity, and I bet he deeply regrets it. But looking at his chart I think his reputation will not suffer and this will pass. But to many people it will be a case of forgiven not forgotten. Yours in the stars, Kerry

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