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What’s happening in the heavens – Australia September 25, 2006

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Spring Ingress

Looking at the astrology chart at the moment of the Spring Equinox we see a dynamic situation. The practical structure of Saturn with its strong policeman energy is in opposition to the dreamy inspiration of
Neptune. And when we set this chart for
Canberra and make it specific for our country we see that it affects us directly. We the general public, the good ( ! ) citizens, will all be trying to live in a fantasy world, to be impressionable, wanting the good times to roll on forever in a perfect world and to forget about practical realities. Spend money, live the high life, all with a “she’ll be right mate” attitude. But the nature of an opposition is that other people will force us to look at our reality. They may seem to us to be too cautions, almost to have a depressive outlook, look like they want to block us, and totally annoy us. But the other person can be us! So the interesting thing is that we don’t know when we will be the dreamer or the policeman. And we will probably swap roles amongst ourselves willy-nilly.


Does make for confusing times, so forgive yourself, and forgive others. When you are being staid and practical – let others inspire you, and when you are being imaginative and visionary – let others stabilise you.


The government on the other hand want to balance these two energies so they will get some things wrong and others right depending on which side of the opposition we are on. But I bet they will introduce another rate rise to curb our spending.


An important harmonizing energy is knowledge, finding information and strength in communication, so expect endless debates and negotiations but these are vitally important at this time. So if you have an issue with others then, please, talk about it., and encourage your fellow members of the public to do the same.


For all you early birds you can see Saturn rising higher and higher in the east each morning. It is near bright Regulus in the constellation of Leo. See if you can see the Lion rise each morning. There is a grand finale in early December just before sunrise when Mercury, Jupiter and Mars will all be very close together. It does mean getting up early tho!


For all you night owls, there is lots of activity. The brilliant light of Jupiter is setting in the west behind the Sun and look on the 26th September as it is joined by a crescent Moon. By October we will see Mercury low in the west but each evening at the same time it will appear higher and higher until it joins Jupiter in late October. Note down the 24th October to see the Moon join Mercury and Jupiter in the early evening. Then as the season moves on, these planets disappear and are captured by the evening light of the Sun.


Sun Sign Forecast – Spring Equinox 2006 September 22, 2006

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Your Sun Sign Report for September 23rd  till December 22nd 

Aries Adapt to that, compromise with this, and all sorts of emotional feelings are rising up, so no wonder you are all out of sorts. You may feel like life would be so much simpler you had the control, but at the moment you don’t; so use your great impulsive nature and creativity to overcome any obstacles. Early October brings visitors that help, then by later in October your inner balance is restored and by end November you can reach out for your hearts desire.

Taurus October is a great month for you but the need for love, fun, excitement and having a good time may not be good for your hip pocket. Being frivolous may lead to making mistakes and you can be your own worse enemy. There is an issue you need to take responsibility for. The trick is to look for an outcome that pleases everyone.

Gemini So many ideas and not enough time. You crave dynamic social activity this season so make plans that involve some fun. Also indulge yourself in a creative pursuit, hopefully with some romance. You may find yourself talking way too much but you can really see both sides of the story and you do have a point to make. And it may be more idealistic than practical. But hey; that’s what dreams are made of. You will get a chance to go back over your decisions during November and it’s a good chance to delve into a puzzle and solve it. Cancer Look around you home and see what renovations you can make. Do this symbolically as well as literally. So adapt, or heaven forbid – spring clean, both your inner home and your physical home with lots of creative ideas. Early October you can balance some conflicts, and do it well, but it’s not so good in early November. But building on your home and your roots can lead to success in the outer world especially around late November.

Leo Certainly time for you to reach out and communicate with a variety of people this season. Go out of your way to learn something, or experience a new place, hobby or activity. Take some short trips and catch up with friends. Mid November will bring a reward and later in November you could be too extravagant and outgoing. But hey – I’m an earthy practical person and you’re all fire; so blaze away, enjoy yourself and inspire us. We’ll pick up the pieces later. 

Virgo What you value is important this season. This includes money and objects, as well as spiritual and emotional values. You will want to sort out what is important to you and what’s not. Don’t let it all be about earning more money or buying “stuff”. Build on your emotional and spiritual values as well. Take up relaxation or meditation or visit a sacred space to renew your inner values. This may be the bush, a church, the garden or the garage. The quiet time and solace will refresh you. Most of November could see you trying to hang onto ideas and items you no longer need. Then in December you can release them with a good heart.

Libra Torn between the past and the future and the past will be trying to trip you up. See it for what it is, the past. And don’t let your present, and future, get tangled in it. This season is about starting something as new ideas are an important part of your journey right now. So look for ways to bring them into your life, perhaps through study, especially through October.

Scorpio You may feel like you have been your own worse enemy or even worse, you may not realise you are being your own worse enemy. Are you tripping yourself up? Develop diligence and take care of what is yours. But stop looking backwards, it does not help. Emotional tension clouds the important issues. Try to think first and act later. News from people in your interest groups may bring important helpful information. The good thing is a sweet breeze is coming through to lightening you up and it brings success in November, especially later in the month.

Sagittarius Its time to focus your energies on you long term goals and aim to achieve them. But don’t be hard on yourself if your dreams need changing to make them realistic. The trick is to put your heart into it, figure out what needs adjustment, then preserve. If you struggle then know that you have been too idealistic. We need people with vision, but please don’t punish yourself; wait till November when the heavens are helping you.

Capricorn You may be asking yourself if you are achieving what you want out of your work and life. It seems to be time to improve your work place, or look around for something new. And remember, the place you work can be paid or unpaid, but it is the job you do. Overall your first response is to be practical and organised but there will be many times that confusion seems to rule your life. Don’t try to control it, please go with the flow – it does bring inspiration. Then from late October your inner strength and vitality will increase, and while the body may not be willing – the spirit will. Look for deepening relationships in mid December.  

Aquarius If you stay true to your identity then there will be calmness in the midst of some restless times. Look outside for new ideas. Learning and study seems important, and it may be that you need to complete something you started years ago. Seek inspiration and you will find it. And it may not be just for you, but more for the bigger vision you have for your community, area or group. You can change or transform issues with other people especially from later in October.

Pisces A time for beginnings and a time for endings. Let go of an issue that someone you care about is still holding on to. Encourage them to forget the past and start to build united resources together. Combine your strengths and forge deeper bonds and greater intimacy. Build on your dreams to make them practical and give them life. In November you will feel strong and vital and able to use your imagination in very creative ways.

Yours in the heavens


The day we lost Pluto – or did we? September 4, 2006

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“Save Pluto, take Uranus!” said the bumper stickers. So the astronomical community has decided that Pluto is now demoted to a dwarf planet, not a real dinki-di planet at all, but a dwarf one. But did anyone else notice that Pluto did not suddenly shrink, so its still the same size as it always has been. So it’s just a name change, and it is worth remembering that a tiger snake is still a tiger snake even if you call it a dwarf tiger snake; or even if you call it Mr. Tiger Snake. So Pluto, no matter is title, is still the God of the Underworld and when he comes calling on us then he gets all of our attention and our respect.

Pluto is currently in the late degrees of Sagittarius so for those of you who were born with any planet in the late degrees of Sagittarius then you can tell us all about being affected by this demi-god who will delve into your inner and outer world, reveal truths and fears, destroy what you no longer require – and usually do this long before you are ready for it – then rebuild you through rebirth and regeneration.

Pluto is called the planet of transformation, and it’s hard to handle during the transit, but afterwards we look back and call it is our “getting of wisdom” phase. For anyone born in mid December you will know what I am talking about, as he is visiting your sun sign and I bet you have not noticed any lessening of his impact since his name change. He will first shatter then rebuild your ego. He is also affecting late degrees of Gemini, Pisces and Virgo. If Pluto is affecting your Moon sign then he will first be thrashing your emotions then regenerating them. And you can imagine what he does when touching your Venus sign of relationships and values. The actual time and duration of his visit depends on your birth date.

So in essence, Pluto’s title change does not change the way astrology works at all. But I must add one thing. Pluto was discovered in 193something and it has only been in the last fifty years that modern astrologers decided that Pluto should rule over all Scorpios. Not at all fair to all the Scorpios out there. Especially since for 3000- 4000 years the planet Mars has done perfectly well as ruler of Scorpio. I am a traditional astrologer and use Mars as Scorpios ruler. Yes, Pluto is certainly happy in Scorpio, but does he have rulership? – No!

This begs the question, how did ancient astrologers see the personal transformation of their clients before Pluto was discovered?  And the answer is that there is more than one road to
Rome. In the past they used the fixed stars and believe me, the star called Scheat has exactly the effect that is sounds like is should. And even now a star called Sinistra is very close to Pluto – and this ones effect is exactly what the word looks like. So the ancients did not need Pluto, they had the fixed stars. But today we use astrology slightly differently and understanding Pluto does save us lots of angst; and knowing all those fixed stars!

Yours in the stars