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The day we lost Pluto – or did we? September 4, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

“Save Pluto, take Uranus!” said the bumper stickers. So the astronomical community has decided that Pluto is now demoted to a dwarf planet, not a real dinki-di planet at all, but a dwarf one. But did anyone else notice that Pluto did not suddenly shrink, so its still the same size as it always has been. So it’s just a name change, and it is worth remembering that a tiger snake is still a tiger snake even if you call it a dwarf tiger snake; or even if you call it Mr. Tiger Snake. So Pluto, no matter is title, is still the God of the Underworld and when he comes calling on us then he gets all of our attention and our respect.

Pluto is currently in the late degrees of Sagittarius so for those of you who were born with any planet in the late degrees of Sagittarius then you can tell us all about being affected by this demi-god who will delve into your inner and outer world, reveal truths and fears, destroy what you no longer require – and usually do this long before you are ready for it – then rebuild you through rebirth and regeneration.

Pluto is called the planet of transformation, and it’s hard to handle during the transit, but afterwards we look back and call it is our “getting of wisdom” phase. For anyone born in mid December you will know what I am talking about, as he is visiting your sun sign and I bet you have not noticed any lessening of his impact since his name change. He will first shatter then rebuild your ego. He is also affecting late degrees of Gemini, Pisces and Virgo. If Pluto is affecting your Moon sign then he will first be thrashing your emotions then regenerating them. And you can imagine what he does when touching your Venus sign of relationships and values. The actual time and duration of his visit depends on your birth date.

So in essence, Pluto’s title change does not change the way astrology works at all. But I must add one thing. Pluto was discovered in 193something and it has only been in the last fifty years that modern astrologers decided that Pluto should rule over all Scorpios. Not at all fair to all the Scorpios out there. Especially since for 3000- 4000 years the planet Mars has done perfectly well as ruler of Scorpio. I am a traditional astrologer and use Mars as Scorpios ruler. Yes, Pluto is certainly happy in Scorpio, but does he have rulership? – No!

This begs the question, how did ancient astrologers see the personal transformation of their clients before Pluto was discovered?  And the answer is that there is more than one road to
Rome. In the past they used the fixed stars and believe me, the star called Scheat has exactly the effect that is sounds like is should. And even now a star called Sinistra is very close to Pluto – and this ones effect is exactly what the word looks like. So the ancients did not need Pluto, they had the fixed stars. But today we use astrology slightly differently and understanding Pluto does save us lots of angst; and knowing all those fixed stars!

Yours in the stars


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