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What’s happening in the heavens – Australia September 25, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

Spring Ingress

Looking at the astrology chart at the moment of the Spring Equinox we see a dynamic situation. The practical structure of Saturn with its strong policeman energy is in opposition to the dreamy inspiration of
Neptune. And when we set this chart for
Canberra and make it specific for our country we see that it affects us directly. We the general public, the good ( ! ) citizens, will all be trying to live in a fantasy world, to be impressionable, wanting the good times to roll on forever in a perfect world and to forget about practical realities. Spend money, live the high life, all with a “she’ll be right mate” attitude. But the nature of an opposition is that other people will force us to look at our reality. They may seem to us to be too cautions, almost to have a depressive outlook, look like they want to block us, and totally annoy us. But the other person can be us! So the interesting thing is that we don’t know when we will be the dreamer or the policeman. And we will probably swap roles amongst ourselves willy-nilly.


Does make for confusing times, so forgive yourself, and forgive others. When you are being staid and practical – let others inspire you, and when you are being imaginative and visionary – let others stabilise you.


The government on the other hand want to balance these two energies so they will get some things wrong and others right depending on which side of the opposition we are on. But I bet they will introduce another rate rise to curb our spending.


An important harmonizing energy is knowledge, finding information and strength in communication, so expect endless debates and negotiations but these are vitally important at this time. So if you have an issue with others then, please, talk about it., and encourage your fellow members of the public to do the same.


For all you early birds you can see Saturn rising higher and higher in the east each morning. It is near bright Regulus in the constellation of Leo. See if you can see the Lion rise each morning. There is a grand finale in early December just before sunrise when Mercury, Jupiter and Mars will all be very close together. It does mean getting up early tho!


For all you night owls, there is lots of activity. The brilliant light of Jupiter is setting in the west behind the Sun and look on the 26th September as it is joined by a crescent Moon. By October we will see Mercury low in the west but each evening at the same time it will appear higher and higher until it joins Jupiter in late October. Note down the 24th October to see the Moon join Mercury and Jupiter in the early evening. Then as the season moves on, these planets disappear and are captured by the evening light of the Sun.


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