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Romance is in your hands October 15, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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A short and sweet message today. Did you know that the rings you wear on your fingers can, and does, affect the energy of that finger. We enhance our relationships by wearing rings on our “Ring” finger. That’s all very good – but what about the other fingers.

One area that may create difficulties with certain people is rings on the thumbs and “big” finger. The thumb represents will and determination, and the big, or Saturn, finger represents our authority and awareness of power. So do we want to enhance these energies when we need to work through relationship issues?
So if you are having difficulties in love, or if you want to increase the romantic vibes or if you want to start a new relationship, then take the strain off and give those rings a rest. If in doubt – just test it out for yourself. So for those of you who’s Venus needs a little push start, take off your rings and leave them at home for a while. It works a treat. So all the best in love.

Yours in the stars