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Eris; What does she mean for astrology? November 20, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

The latest issue to stir the world of astrology is the discovery of Eris which caused Pluto to be demoted to a dwarf planet. Throughout history, whenever a new object was discovered in our solar system it has an impact on our entire world. A new celestial body heralds changes, and the further that body is from the Sun the more the changes are global, not just personal. So now we have Eris and we look to the ancient myth of Eris to see what changes are likely. And the story of

Eris is very interesting.   Gift apple

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a glorious goddess called Eris. But for one reason or another she was not invited to a society wedding. Oh, she was really annoyed and wanted revenge. So she crashed the party, completely ruined the wedding and threw down a golden apple (just as you do in that sort of situation), labelled “for the fairest”. Of course the lovely ladies of the day all presumed that they were the fairest in the land, and a real bitch fight ensured. To resolve the dispute a handsome hero named Paris judged a beauty quest, and fell in love with the most beautiful one – a lady named Helen. But she was a married woman, so he kidnapped her from her husband, and so began the famous Trojan War.  

You may remember gorgeous Brad Pitt and Eric Bana in the movie “Troy”. The Trojan War was a long and traumatic experience for the entire known world at the time. So from seemingly small beginnings of simply throwing down an apple Eris became the goddess of war, strife and discord. And joy oh joy, we now have Eris as the newest member of our Solar system – this is not what we need! Yes, our little solar system needs peace, not war.  She certainly caused discord amongst the astronomers, which lead both Eris and Pluto to be described as dwarf planets. But what does this mean for us all. Should we be worried? To look at this we can use the astrology chart for when she was named on 14th September 2006.  What symbolism was happening in the sky at this time?

A dynamic aspect was on place with the policeman energy of Saturn opposite the dreamy Neptune, both activated by expansive Jupiter. Also our emotional Moon was opposite Pluto the God of the underworld, and the feminine Goddess Venus was opposite Uranus of new world order.  So Eris was named at a time that we can activate our dreams and really work towards starting something we have always wanted to happen. But sometimes those dreams can come from a place similar to Eris’s desires for revenge. We can strive to manifest our idealism for the future; we can make our dreams become a reality. But this will not be an easy process, it involves work and to keep the balance we must pay attention to the small things that could upset the status-quo. It is a time where emotional feelings can erupt and our idealism can become our delusions, just like angry Eris, who has shown us that her small act of revenge can have huge consequences for all. 

For each and every one of us, let us look inside and feel our soul and give voice to our dreams and we can work towards making them a reality, but we must be careful that our intentions are pure and not motivated by pain. We can find that Eris shows us that it is the small things that matter. If small things can start a war; then small things can stop one. And we are all capable of small acts of kindness and gentleness and thinking with soul. She was a minor goddess that caused turmoil, but together we are all minor humans that can create peace. Yours in the stars



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Kerry - May 1, 2013

Thank you for your comments. Hmmm, I don’t have music. And in regards to my template I suggest you play around in the wordpress themes and choose one that you like then put picture in that you also like the look of. I am not a designer; I leave that to the experts. 🙂

2. Kerry - February 4, 2011

Wonderful idea!

3. James Elmore, Stage Adaptation, Riverside - January 29, 2011

“We can find that Eris shows us that it is the small things that matter. If small things can start a war; then small things can stop one. And we are all capable of small acts of kindness and gentleness and thinking with soul. She was a minor goddess that caused turmoil, but together we are all minor humans that can create peace.”

Thank you for such very good advice regarding this planet, as she rolls over my sun at 21* ARI, I was a bit concerned, but can verify this is this is the realization I have come to. To quote a teacher friend of mine from her Morning Messages by Peggy Black: “It does not matter what you are doing or how you are doing it. The key is to be present with it, vibrating at a high pure frequency – infusing the work or the task with clean vibrations of joy, gratitude and appreciation. Small simple dedicated actions – infused with joy, gratitude and appreciation – will ripple outward from your life, shifting and transforming all other energy it touches.” A briefer way of saying this is “every time you shift and EMOTIONAL response to a THOUGHT of joy, peace or appreciation you are global service work on a personal level.” If Eris had kept the apple for herself, she would have been the fairest Goddess. =o)

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5. breakingmakethroughs - January 5, 2009

Hi Kerry,
I was so happy to read the last paragraph of this post! I’m still thinking about what Eris “means to me”…but I’m definitely going to spend some time with what you write here.
Thank you for your thoughtful and sensitive approach!
Tom Jacobs

6. Kerry - October 6, 2008

Hello Summer,

There are many more people just like yourself rising up with consciouness to know that the small things do make a difference. Its like the small pebble thrown in the water causes many ripples which travel on for ages. Look to the stars and know we are part of something great!

7. Summer - September 25, 2008

something about what you wrote hits to me, that the world, as time, and as history repeats it’s self. And certain events was written like a history book to help us stop the chain, as well to make now our time here a everlasting garden. I truly believe the little things count the most. Back when marches would take place, they started as one small whisper that grew to a unstoppable conscience. Although for the silent, a lot of people think like we do, they just feel that no one will listen or that their isn’t enough of us to do something. Basically why should they even bother to speak out. I believe in Nostradamus, the Mayans, as well as the china dynasty. They all predicted a lot of similar situations we have been through today. Also their calenders stop at 2012. 2012, we have to somehow stop this and realize us, the government (ha..ha), the media, and first of everything the church. That’s how we came as we are in the first place. Now everything is mixed up. I just want the best for my son…

8. ramiz - August 14, 2008


This is Rameez, Asalam O Alaykum ..How r u sir?? i was looking for sumthing then i just clicked on geocities and overview ur site..hmm u r doing great job here.keep me in ur prayers..May Allah bless us all. Ameen.

9. Kerry - December 10, 2006

I have not looked at enough charts with Eris to really outline what she means for us personally, but I do agree with your thinking that Eris is related to the feminine principle.

10. Muhammad Saleem Dada - December 10, 2006

hello! I read your view on Eris!

I have written an article on the astrological meaning of Eris couple of months ago and I would appreciate if you read this article at:



11. Kerry - December 2, 2006

I love it that you noticed the “apple” theme. Yes the poor humble apple has been used as a potent indicator of change before. In biblical stories the temptation of the apple caused humankinds fall from paradise. Lets all encourage everyone to work togehter with peaceful thoughts and awareness of others, so that Eris’s apple does not result in another huge battle and a fall even from the uncertain peace of the moment.

12. Dorothy Jones Many - December 2, 2006

The poor/significant APPLE — an important feature in quite a few stories. It’s interesting that people with a certain type of mind and certain sensibilities can pull a lesson for humankind out of the stars and planets. Thank you for sharing. I’d better pay attention to Eris.

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