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Ian Thorpe, a swim hero, retires December 4, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

Ian Thorpe, our very own aussie hero just announced his retirement from swimming. He is just 24 years old and wants new challenges. He said that looking down through the water at a black line does not excite him anymore – he wants to look up and see what is around him. Fair enough.

Ian is loved by all of us in Australia. His incredible successes in swimming and his gold medals, have put him in hero status. But gold medals do not automatically create a hero. It is a title that only special people gain, but what was special about Ian Thorpe, the Thorpedo?

If you look at his chart you will see a pile up of planets in the top of the chart. This is the place of career and status in the world and a chart like this promises a public life.  Notice that the group is all in the very gentle, unassuming, but potent Libra. A majority of the world greatest generals have a strong Libran focus like this. These people can sweetly and diplomatically achieve their aims, no matter what they are. For Ian, it was succeeding in swimming, and he achive his aims like any good general – with a velvet glove containing an iron fist. All soldiers will follow a good general and we have done just that. His success and his defeat of the other swimmers have been our triumph in battle. Through him – we feel we have won a victory.

Ian Thorpe

But there is another important piece of the Ian Thorpe personality. And that’s his heart and soul. He is warm and demonstrative, but, and this is important, but; he will show his heart to only those dearest and nearest to him. His emotions and deeper feelings are definitely part of his private world and he is uncomfortable showing his feelings in public. This inner sensitive world gives him a creative side that we have seen with his interest in fashion and in supporting people who need assistance. 

Ian Thorpe

And its this creative side of Ian that we will see more and more in the future. But I had a look at his current transits and solar return for the next year and it appears Ian will disappear for a while. He needs to retreat, to recharge his inner batteries, to journey into his creative sensitive soul without the constant exposure that he has been under up to now. Once he does this deep inner journey, for at least a year,  he will burst forward and be in the public eye again.  I for one, cannot wait to see where our hero leads us.

And yes, I will learn how to put in unfuzzy charts!

Yours in the stars



1. Ingrid Brooks - December 18, 2006

Dear Kerry, what a well written and sensitive description of Ian. Respectful, informative and insightful. A great article in a very informative site.

Thank you

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