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Sun sign report for Dec 22 to March 21 December 20, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

There is a grand start to this season. You are primed to do something for the sheer pleasure of “doing”. So indulge in a burst of activity, take a trip, escape the boring routine, start a project, maybe even a few projects; but depend on the fact you will be acutely restless. Then through later Jan and Feb you can get serious and knuckle down to achieving your new goals. A work situation will need attention but you come from a strong position so think in positive terms.

If you are feeling way too serious then it’s because you are looking backward not forward. Have you thought about study or even teaching something to another person? Its time to look forward into gaining and sharing wisdom and knowledge. But there will be confusion around later January because you don’t know if you should follow your dreams or stick to what you know and trust. I suggest you follow your dreams, as early in February you can make some goal changes in a positive frame of mind.

This Christmas is a week of intense relationships and deep and meaningful interactions. You will find yourself sharing secrets and please don’t be flippant with what you find out. People need you to take them seriously. By mid January you will have so much to think about, possibly too much. A change is coming in late Jan and early Feb, and this leads to confusion not clarity. Instead of fighting it – think alternatively and creatively, not logically.

This Christmas you need to figure out why you have been so hard on yourself and with what you expect of others, and then relax. Early January you will feel so much better and important self reflection can takes place. You can learn about yourself and who you are in relation to another person, and you may have learnt that they can be supportive. February is a month of exciting prospects, its time to explore the world, and stretch your boundaries a little. 

Its time to focus on your health and decide what you need to do on a regular basis to help your body achieve the very best. Take responsibility for your body, it deserves it. Also you will feel like roadblocks are being put in your way. Yes they are – so it’s an opportunity to see how you can learn to adapt. Not your strong point, but the roadblocks can become weigh-bridges to help you sort out your load and travel the road of life more comfortably.

No escaping it but there could be family concerns or dramas over
Christmas. All you want is security for yourself, but you become
involved. You can cope – you are the responsible one after all and it won’t last long. Later in Jan your stress levels will rise again but only because you like to be super prepared. Success will come if you go with the flow and let your intuition guide you.

You are definitely needed at home this season. The family and extended family demand your time and attention but don’t neglect the one person that matter most – you. Later in January its time to be creative, even time to fall in love. Could be with a puppy, a person or an idea. But try to keep both feet on the ground. Creative ideas and puppies need lots of work – lovers even more! Come February its time to be flexible to cope with a change. Also take care of any health concerns as soon as they occur.

You will be feeling lucky this season. Just don’t spend a large fortune to win a small one. Money and toys should not mean happiness. But ask any child – of course they do! So early this season you will expect to get lucky. Perhaps Santa knows exactly what you need. But seriously, this season you will find valuables within yourself, you will find resources you forgot you had and a sense of self confidence that you can always reach for. Later in January you will find out information that’s not meant to share, but you will keep it sacred – it’s what you are good at.

Everything is in the exact right place for you to achieve your goals. Its action time. But you could see so many possibilities that you don’t know which one to choose. Later in Feb you will be able to settle down and work in a committed fashion with an easy blend of your natural enthusiasm and inner self control. This is when it will all come together and you shoot forward to your future.

This season starts with a gentle glow and you may just let yourself relax. But then everything returns to how it has been. And lately that has meant you been going over and over and over old issues. It’s not yet time to let go and look to the future but it will come. Early January is a good time to get together with people and perhaps you feel there is information you want to share with them. Late Jan is a good time to get activated as you have more energy and feel like you can achieve.

You are going to feel that every conversation is a repeat. As frustrating as it seems, you will have to get used to explaining yourself time and time again. But take care because it not that they don’t hear – but that you are talking in riddles and they don’t understand. You are especially creative this season and creativity is a subject not easily communicated. It can be downright confusing but it is inspirational – so use it – don’t fight it. Focus will return in Feb.

Your role in the world is expanding and you are very visible now. So go for that better job, ask for that pay rise and seek recognition. Success does lie in that first big step, so take it now or you will miss a golden opportunity. This is a pivotal time and you can choose to move forward. But if you have been a little naughty – then be very careful, because being visible means you will likely be discovered.
To each and every one of you; all the best for this solstice season.
Look to the heavens and know we are part of something greater than ourselves. Yours in the stars,

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