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Australia and the Galactic Centre December 24, 2006

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

The symbol of Sagittarius is the centaur standing boldly with his bow drawn back and the arrow poised to fly.  This arrow points at the Galactic Centre which is the point of origin of the entire galaxy, and the point around which our Sun circles.


We look to the centre of our solar system, the Sun, to see what is the energy regarding our personal identity and ego. Therefore we look to the Galactic Centre to study the identity and ego of our entire galaxy. This is a global point; it the entire galaxies “Star Sign”. Other galaxies will have different Star signs, but this Galactic Centre at 26 degrees of Sagittarius is ours. 

So why is this Centre so important now? Well, on December 2006 this Summer Solstice, and repeating again in July and October 2007, Pluto the planet that symbolises transformation through life, death, and rebirth is conjunct the Galactic Centre. Pluto did this in 1509-10 and in 1757-58 but this time there is a concentration of energy with Venus, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter lining up along the flight path of the arrow with Pluto right in the middle, conjunct the Galactic centre itself. It makes this Solstice an important time indeed.

To understand how this affects us, we need to look back to the earlier conjunctions. In the early 1500’s the first bullet was invented and Martin Luther revolutionised religion through a time called the Reformation. If we look to the late 1700’s we see the American Revolution, the invention of the steam engine and a time known as the beginning of the Age of Revolution.

So in a nutshell, it appears that we are going through a phase of change. Another reformation or revolution is happening. Many of us feel these changes happening, we know it within ourselves. And it is very interesting that Australia’s chart has expansive Jupiter exactly at this Galactic centre. So after looking back to what the past can teach us, I expect an explosion of knowledge, new inventions, new discoveries, and a new way of thinking that challenges the past and it could very well arise from all of us here in Australia.  All this is a process of letting go of the old and bringing in the new. We know that all changes feel challenging – but isn’t it about time?

Yours in the stars


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