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Relationship and Children lines in Palmistry January 22, 2007

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Just a quick palmisty hint today. People often ask me about these so I thought I would explain about relationship and children lines.

Those little horizontal lines below your little finger are relationship lines, lines of attachments or lines of affection, but they do not show the number of relationships you will have. Their depth and number refer to how important relationships are to you. For instance; can you be happy on your own? Or do you have to have someone significant in your life – even if they are second best? Also we must remember that not all emotional attachments are with sexual partners. So some attachment lines may be connected to pets or to very close friendships.

Also, those little vertical lines that run through the relationship lines do not refer to the number of children you will have, but it can refer to how much contact you have with children. Children can be more easily seen arising from the life line. Because – yes, they do change your life!

Kerrys palmThat all for today, yours in the stars – and your hands. 🙂 Kerry