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Relationship and Children lines in Palmistry January 22, 2007

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Just a quick palmisty hint today. People often ask me about these so I thought I would explain about relationship and children lines.

Those little horizontal lines below your little finger are relationship lines, lines of attachments or lines of affection, but they do not show the number of relationships you will have. Their depth and number refer to how important relationships are to you. For instance; can you be happy on your own? Or do you have to have someone significant in your life – even if they are second best? Also we must remember that not all emotional attachments are with sexual partners. So some attachment lines may be connected to pets or to very close friendships.

Also, those little vertical lines that run through the relationship lines do not refer to the number of children you will have, but it can refer to how much contact you have with children. Children can be more easily seen arising from the life line. Because – yes, they do change your life!

Kerrys palmThat all for today, yours in the stars – and your hands. 🙂 Kerry


1. Kerry - November 1, 2011

The whole hand must be taken in context and it is impossible to tell anything from one feature.
It would be like trying to figure out what type of car it was from a description of the exhaust pipe alone.

2. james - November 1, 2011

I have a a sun line attached to my line of life which goes all the way to the ring finger. What does that mean?

3. Kerry - October 23, 2011

Hello James, Thank you for your message. Without a picture it is impossible to begin to imagine what you are describing. And we cannot do pictures here. And no single feature is indiciative of any one thing. The whole hand must be taken in context. I suggest you consult a plamist in your area and ask a lot of questions. We love it when a client knows something and asks questions. So make a palmist happy. 🙂

4. james - October 23, 2011

i have a fork at the begining or at the end of the line of sun/apollo in between the head and heart line, which touches the life also reaches the ring finger. please can you tell me what does that mean.

5. eisha - July 12, 2011

hello i wanted to what it meant to have the numbers 444 between the marriage lines and above the marriage lines? and also when you press the side the 444 look like 3 forked lines so what does that mean?

Kerry - July 13, 2011

I am sorry but it is impossible to delineate lines from a description. To see the area we would need a hand print at the very least or at best, a personal reading. I suggest that you find a good palmist in your area and show them these interesting lines.

6. Kerry - August 26, 2010

Good morning,
The short answer is NO. The long answer is that the number of lines does not mean the number of children and we must look to the life line for more information.
I have seen many people with no children indications and who have had children. So please dont use the lack of lines as a form of birth control. It won’t work! 🙂
I have seen those with many children lines and who have had no children of their own, but are teachers or they work with young people.
I will say more about children lines in another post soon.
Yours in the Stars

7. FZ - August 24, 2010

I don’t think I have any children lines. Does that mean I won’t have any children?

8. Kerry Galea - March 3, 2010

Hello, My opinion is that this is a feature seen in many hands and it means that different relationships are important. Partners, people at work, friends, family, sporting assocaites, business partners, co-workers, or fellow hobby enthusiasts are important to the overall sense of well-being. No one person can be all the world to you. Other people will also be important.

9. bhawani - March 2, 2010

i’ve two line of marriages with same length so what doswe it mean? because some peoples told me that i will make two marriages. what is your opinion?

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