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Your Sun Signs for March 21 to June 22 2007 March 20, 2007

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You may start this season by indulging in wistful thinking of your goals. It is not a waste of time. All this idealism is the beginning of deciding your new goals. Remember that imagination starts the ideas that spark achievement. If you point your nose at the goal post and are self-disciplined, then this successful energy will build steadily through May and achievement is possible in June.


With your ruler, Venus in your sign, you can expect some great times for your birthday but there could be some confusion between home and work demands. You will discover some hidden information in early May and you may become aware that friends or colleagues are agitated or causing trouble. Think about standing your ground and only get involved if you choose to. The full moon is in your sign on the 17th May so say hello and ask its help to let go of an issue.


Are you questioning your role in the world and perhaps thinking of a new direction in your work? Some changes are necessary to improve the situation. You can activate these in mid/late April. One particular situation will have your head spinning and you will not know what to believe, but this will quickly resolve around mid May. 


This is the season of expansion, discovery and learning, so its a good time to undertake some study, or gain a qualification, or travel to broaden the mind. Through March and April you are so active and involved that you could get out of your comfort zone. Be gentle with yourself through May, as its a time of confusion and dissatisfaction. But its also a time that any vision and effort on your part will propel you to many different possibilities, and hence success.


Through April the heavens are giving you the opportunity to develop strength and the ability to work towards achieving your goals. But during May you seem surrounded by people who are literally “off with the fairies”, scattered and just too idealistic for you. But think again – maybe you are being too resistant. In June this realisation will lead you to a change in direction. So look to the people around you and see what you can learn.


Its time to put the spark back into your relationships. You need some excitement, a new energy and some changes. If life had become humdrum then go out on a special date together. If you are lonely then, then its time to find a new social outlet or new activity to meet people. Mid April is a good time to implement some ideas. May brings some confusion but this will sort itself out by the end of the month.


Part of your needs rest, peach and quiet: and the other part of you needs to socialise, be active and to enjoy yourself. Its all a matter of balance; a word you are familiar with. So in early April, especially while the Full Moon is in your sign, rest up and go with the flow. Then your active energies will charge ahead on Mid April through May, but take care. If you are not using the energy with activity, it may manifest as challenging and possibly argumentative time.


You are trying as hard as you can to get everything under control – but its now time to just go with the flow. If you can manage it, just happily slide into holiday mode. But watch out for authority figures, especially at work, who could notice that you are relaxing too much. Later in May and through June you will understand that has been happening and be able to grab the initiative again.


New directions, new prospective ideas – how on earth will you ever make a decision with all the possibilities open to you. You are able to expand, build and restructure your world as you desire. But the important people around you could be knocked over in the wind you create, so tell them what is going on. They don’t want to be left behind. In May you may make some changes and they could involve moving, or at the very least – having a holiday.


Make sure you know where your money and valuable are located. Are they safe and earning the best they can? Have you lost something? In April you need to listen carefully and think quickly. If you go into a daze you could miss some important information. From May onwards your idealism is matched with practical planning and a healthy dose of optimism and help. This help could possibly come from an unexpected source.


Failures are only caused through reacting too quickly, a lack of of planning or a lack of energy. And guess what. You now have all three! So this season go slowly and carefully because making quick decisions and reacting too fast could trip you head over backside. Friends will be a wonderful help from May onwards. They have the resources and advice you need.


Even little events seem to have so much importance attached to them. Do you feel like you are waiting for something to happen? Don’t worry, the recent solar eclipse was in your sign and is giving your world a tiny shake. Its giving you the impetus to take advantage of opportunities and new situations around you. You need to decide on a goal- even a little one. And in May you will be asked to make a few changes to keep everything flowing towards this goal.

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