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General Cosgrove – Librian rising! May 15, 2007

Posted by Kerry in Astrology, Military.

I literally tripped over the chart of General Peter Cosgrove recently and become fascinated. He is a classic example of the strength of the Libran energy. He was Australia’s military leader in the UN sanctioned, and Australian lead, support of East Timor during their separation from Indonesia. This was the first military operation that Australian had lead. He did a fantastic job, both for the people of East Timor and the UN forces. He later became Chief of Australia’s Defence Force.   

Libra Cosgrove                                             

You may think that people with major points in Libra are indecisive and gentle. But this is not true. It is a well known secret amongst astrologers that Librans are like a velvet glove – with an iron fist inside! Sweet and diplomatic, but with steely strength. Before you know it, they have you happily doing precisely what they want. And we love them while we do it.

I have noticed that strong military leaders throughout history frequently have Libra somewhere strong in their chart – either the sun or moon sign, or the rising sign (ascendant). And Peter Cosgrove has Libra rising. Scroll down for his chart. For you astrologers the ruler of Libra is Venus, and his is in Cancer in the 10th house and trine Jupiter. For you non-astrologers this means his image and personal style is focused on achieving the best he can in his career and his status in the world. Thus he has a desire to succeed and he cares about his role in the world.

Another dynamic feature is his Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Leo in the 11th house. For you non-astrolgers this means his ego, his idea of structure and authority, and his strength and vitality are combined in a confident manner to attain his goals. Leo the Lion is a strong motif of leadership and self-assured behaviour.  

This is a man with achievement and leadership as part of his makeup. But why did he end up in the military? This brings up the nature versus nurture debate as both his father and his grandfather were army men. It suggests he is likely to turn to the military world to manifest his strong motivation to succeed and utilise his strength and leadership abilities. But is he a leader who leads from the rear? – No. You astrologers will see his Mars conjunct Uranus conjunct the 9th cusp. For you non-astrologers this combination suggests a he had a love of adventure and travel and is a true adrenaline junkie.  He loves the excitement of the unknown and is able to react quickly to the unexpected. So the active military life is one where he can use his star given potentials.

In 1999 he could see what was coming in East Timor and he predicted the UN asking for Australia’s leadership in the area. What he did was quietly and stealthy organise the Army, Air Force and Navy to descend on Indonesian controlled East Timor and oversee a peaceful withdrawal of Indonesian troops. His Solar Return for this period had Neptune, the veiled god of illusion and imagination on the MC of his role in the visible world. Thus he he became invisible to the world and was able to work in secrecy until just before the actual landing, and then he was splashed across the media and into intense public attention.

You astrologers would love the fact that at the same time his Progressed Ascendant was opposite his natal Mars. For the rest of you this means he perfectly primed to do what he did -to project his personal self into warrior mode.  

The other interesting astrological event was that transiting Pluto was on top of his Moon. For you non-astrologers this is symbolised by the god of the underworld looming over his emotional nature. In anybody else this would mean a emotional roller-coaster of panic, anxiety and fear. I have seen people succumb to depression under this transit, and I have also seen people able to plumb the depths of their psyche and use the strength they find within to rise to great heights. Cosgrove did this. He took the energy offered, and while there is no doubt in my mind that while worry and fear walked with him, he walked with the energy of Pluto to a successful outcome for the people of East Timor and the troops involved.

So two lessons I hope you gain here. One is that Librans are not necessarily indecisive and sweet. And two, that a difficult transit can be used to have a good outcome.

Yours in the stars



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