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The Thumb in Palmistry May 16, 2007

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

Just a quickie on Palmistry today just to get you thinking. Stick your thumb up in the air and take a good look at it. The thumb shows your will and determination. A firm well developed thumb shows lots of will power, while a slender thumb suggests you need other people to be the driving force in your life.

To the western culture the “thumbs up” hand gesture indicates that everything is going well and it’s a “she’ll-be-right” gesture. But did you know that in Middle Eastern countries the “thumbs up” means that you are actively showing that your force and will power is the strongest and that you intend to dominate. It’s very challenging.

A bent thumb indicates a generous and empathetic personality, while a straight thumb suggests someone who is practical and takes things literally. So don’t try and hint to a straight thumb – you need to be straightforward.

So have a quick look around at the thumbs of the people you live and work with to see who has the determination to succeed in their endeavors.

Yours in the stars


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