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Solstice Planetary Highlights and Eclipses June 23, 2007

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It will help to read this along with your Solstice Sun Sign report. 

Milky Way

Saturn and Neptune

The season opens with Saturn coming to the last opposition with Neptune. These guys have been coming together; breaking away and coming together again since August 2006 – and their connection will be over by mid July this year. This planetary highlight is a metaphor for the need to pay attention to keeping the balance between our realistic and practical natures, and our dreams and idealistic beliefs. There are 3 ways this could have been manifesting for us. We could have been struggling to maintain a practical approach against confusion, or we could have been busy dissolving ourselves from rigidly maintained boundaries, or we could have balanced the two – and learnt to build on our dreams so they can come into reality. This would have really hit home for all Leos and Aquarians.

Mercury goes retrograde where it appears to go backwards in the heavens from 16th June till 11th July in the sign of Cancer. This placement is important for Cancer sun signs and represents the need to think about what is emotional important and at how to feel secure and comforted. It asks that we all become a little more reflective and take the time to think back over our decisions and improve on our ideas. Also with this I’m expecting lots of household items to become lost!

Venus goes retrograde in the sign Virgo and returns to Leo from 28th July to 9th September. During this time she connects to Saturn. This gives all of us a chance, and especially Virgos and Leos, to start building on dreams and rethink what truly matters. It’s a time for reflection on where we have focused our desires and decide if we have got what we want. It is a magnificent time to structure and consolidate our resources, and build for the future.

Mars enters Taurus just as the solstice begins. Mars applies energy and so stirs up action for all Taureans and so they will feel propelled to direct themselves and become more self- assertive. This may surprise some who have got used to the sedentary way of life that Taureans love. Later in the season on the 11th August Mars enters Gemini and propels them to release more energy – and yes, that does mean more connecting and more talking.

Throughout July and August, and even into early September, Jupiter is caught in a square aspect to the Moons Nodes. It appears to travel backward, i.e. retrograde, then forwards again on the 7th August, as if it cannot make up its mind. Jupiter is the planet that represents how we expand and open up our minds to new situations and beliefs. This aspect with the Nodes is showing us that we can become stuck between the past and the future, between action that is known and safe, and that which is new and untested. We desire expansion and change, but hesitate at the very moment of our decisions. 

Saturn moves out of Leo and enters Virgo on the 2nd September for a two year journey. This has an impact on all Virgo’s as suddenly reality hits home and they feel ready to commit resources to building for the future. All Leos will breathe a sigh of relief as the planet of stark reality passes. But Virgos are a practical earthy type and they have been waiting for just such an opportunity to help bring commitment and stability into their lives. 

Pluto turns direct on Sep 8th and again connects with the Galactic Centre. This represents a transformational energy connecting with the very centre of our galaxy. Previous encounters in the early 1500’s and in the late 1700’s have been the religious Reformation and the American Revolution. There will be changes for the future – we do not know what these will be – but please don’t automatically presume they will be bad.   There is only one thing constant in life – everything always changes.


On the 28th August there will be a Lunar Eclipse visible in Australia. We a privileged  to stand in awe, and watch as the very earth on which we stand, gets in the way of the Suns light and so causes a shadow to pass across the moon. This shadow will make the moon appear red. According to my calculations it should start at 6pm, peak at 8.30 and be over by 11pm. At the same time Jupiter will be clear and bright overhead and the constellation Scorpio will be easy to find. I’ll be up on the highest spot in the area just to view the magnificence of the heavens and to see the beauty of the universe in all its glory.

I do find it interesting that this eclipse is happening exactly on the government sector of Australia’s chart for 2007. It suggests to me that the Howard government is about to be “eclipsed”!  All of us will have the eclipse point activate some area of our chart and it will be heightened because this is a visual and physical experience for us – even if we don’t watch it! Lunar eclipses represent the awakening of our unconscious feeling nature, and said to lead to irrationality, but I believe it heightens intuition and creativity.

There will be a Solar Eclipse on the 11th September in Virgo but this will not be visible to us. So the effect will not be as strong as a visible eclipse, but all solar eclipses mean that the old is making way for the new. Something must die for something to be born. Something must finish for something to start. So all Virgos need to ask what to “prune” out of their lives so something new can come.

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