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Palmistry Hints – The Life Line September 1, 2007

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

The Life Line is a major line in palmistry as it represents the quality of life. It begins between the thumb and index finger and sweeps around the base of the thumb heading towards the wrist. A short life line does not indicate a short life anymore than a short person has a shorter life! It’s the quality of the line, and the lines coming to and from it that we are interested in.

A strong deeply etched line indicates a strong nervous system and strong physical constitution. Many lines coming to, and crossing the life line, are known as “worry” lines. Breaks, crosses, or islands in the life line are obstacles in life that need to be overcome.

Have a careful look at the differences between the life line in the active hand and the passive hand. The active hand shows the life that we project to the world and aspects of our life that other people will see. While the passive hand shows that which is happening internally and we do not necessarily show the world. It is our “private” life line. So a break in the life line of the active hand could show a sudden job, health or financial obstacle, but if the line is strong in the passive hand then this is not a traumatic experience.

A life line that sweeps well into the centre of the palm represents a person who delights in exploring life and they yearn to travel and broaden their horizons. A line that hugs the base of the palm suggests a person who prefers the quieter life and loves to stay home-based. So if you or your partner has a wide sweep to the life line and feel a “need” to travel, then don’t hold back – get out into the world. The rest of us will understand.



1. Kerry - April 11, 2008

Hello everyone,
I have been inundated and have now decided NOT to give comments on any hand features.

I will only do professional readings, so please see a palmist in your area or if you want to learn go to a good site like internationalcollegeofpalmistry.com/forum

That site has an excellant forum site and also wonderful learning opportunities.

So please note that no more comments will be answered.
My apologies, but I have to respect ethics of professional and “proper” palm reading and aslo my time.

I will be posting palmistry hints from time to time, but I will not answer comments.

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