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Your Sun Sign Forecast Sep/Oct 2007 September 1, 2007

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


Creative impulses building within you are likely to be activated on 27th September when you have the full moon shining brightly in your sign. This encourages bringing your inner desires and heart’s dreams into manifestation. Expect to be restless from late September to throughout October, but enjoy having insight into creating what you want.


A serious and settled energy has just moved into your fun-time sector of the chart. So your hobbies, sports and fun relationships with people will become more planned, practical and predictable. But it may also seem like you are being prevented from doing what you really enjoy. Instead of being inhibited, restructure your activities.


Mars is in your sign all of September and activates high energy levels that you can use to your advantage. Your ruler, Mercury, then enters your health sector and asks if there is something about your health that you have neglected. The link between energy and health is strong, making it an ideal time for a “get fit and healthy” program.


Mars, the warrior god, will be in your sign all of October. This represents action and activity but you caring, protective Cancerians do have a tendency to repress energy. This is the time to use the “oomph” supplied to you. It’s best to take the initiative and succeed, rather than internalise the energy and eventually over-react.


Venus, the goddess of love and creativity, returns to your sign throughout September and heralds the departure of stern, strict Saturn from Leo. The journey of restriction and rebuilding over the last 2 years is now over. It’s time to play, but it’s also important to be careful with your finances.


In September, Saturn enters Virgo and heralds the perfect time to start building the future. The world is ready to see you stand up and make your mark. It does mean work, so some of you might see this as a restriction. A new moon in Virgo with a partial solar eclipse on 11th Sep makes it easier to let go of past mistakes and move ahead.


September is the month of many different activities, new people around you and a growing sense of curiosity. Hence it is a great time to learn about others’ perspectives on life. In October your work sector is activated. During this time there is a new moon in Libra which suggests that is the perfect time to take advantage of new work possibilities.


Your travel, exploration and learning sector is being activated. Now is the time to spread your wings and think outside of the box. You may want to travel for fun or travel to learn, or it may be time to undertake a course of study. The new ideas and possibilities you are gaining will be used later in the year.


Later in September your career, or your ‘role-in-the-world’, sector of the chart is beset with difficulties. These are unlikely to go away easily so be aware that you might need to adapt and change. In fact a restructure of your working life might be called for. But as a Sagittarius, change is your middle name and adjustments will bring success.


An issue to do with your past will resurface. Did you deal with it then? If not, now is the ideal time to look back. Say a proper goodbye – or renew your contact with old friends. At the same time your relationship sector is activated but your loved ones may want to go places and do things that you are unable to do.   


Take care of your own health or the health of someone dear to you. A simple change in diet could really help, as unhealthy lifestyles can cause toxins to build up. Your sense of responsibility is awoken and you may feel like taking and managing other people’s problems. Do take the time to be diplomatic. 


The beautiful full moon eclipse in Pisces on 28th August will stay with you for months. It brings heightened emotional feelings, creativity and insight. Honour the sensitive person within by being creative – even painting a room or planting a garden is creative. If you block this energy you may find yourself looking for faults in those that love you.

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