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Ancient Journeys November 3, 2007

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

  This is the extended version of my article in “The Gippsland Horizon”

The modern tarmac suddenly turned into paving that was 6000 years old as I travelled on my odyssey through Malta and Greece. I went on this trip as part of a study group in mythology, astrology and dream therapy. In Malta I visited the pagan Neolithic Earth Mother worship sites. Then in Greece I visited many of the temples of the twelve Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. In both locations I also saw the early churches of the Christian God. During this journey I heard the ancient myths, touched the ancient rock, looked at the northern stars, discussed the group’s dreams, and immersed myself in the study of astrology, mythology and dream therapy.

On the rocky island of Malta you can stand in front of the oldest standing buildings in the world; built from about 6000 years ago. They are now just roofless bare skeletons of huge eroded limestone, but here they worshipped the earth and the fertility of the female figure. No words or writings exist of the Maltese temple builders, but plenty of voluptuous female figures and male phallic symbols litter the museums. They buried their dead and welcomed the return to life, just as they buried the seeds and waited till the crops sprouted and gave forth food and life to their community. Here I learnt how the ancients honoured the cycle of fertility, and of life and death, and thus they gave me lessons in how to help deal with changes and grief.

In one temple site, called Mnajdra, the main entrance faces east, and I stood on the equinox line of the Sun and saw that the first morning light would shine into the deepest recesses on the wall of the main altar in the rear chamber. During the winter and summer solstices you could see that the path that the first rays of the sun would follow was to illuminate two decorated stone pillars in the first chamber. Thus they used the temple to measure time and the change of the seasons. Scientists have said that people of that age could not know this, and that it was a coincidence, but here I was; a witness to their knowledge and understanding of the heavens.

As the Maltese temple builder civilization faded, another one grew, and I visited the monuments of ancient Greece. Even the foundations, the statues that remain intact, and the delicate carvings, leave one in awe of the majesty of these temples. There were temples dedicated to the God Zeus, to Apollo, to Poseidon and also to the female Goddesses of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite amongst others. Classic Greece reached its peak over 2500 years ago, and was the birth place of democracy, philosophy, arts, literature, medicine, science, astronomy and of course my particular interest, astrology. The skills of ancient astrology have been lost to modern times and I seek to rediscover techniques and the art of astrology as used in the old days. As we wandered the sites we could see changes made as the Greek civilization faded and Rome became the ruling power. Noticeably this meant that the artistic theatres of the Greeks were converted into arenas for spectator sports and gladiator fights by covering the acoustic friendly sand with paving.  The myths also changed and all the Gods and Goddess changed their names; Zeus became known as Jupiter, and Aphrodite became known as Venus. The Gods became the planets, and the myths of the Gods became part of ancient astrology.

And finally I visited a convent, a monastery and various churches of the Christian era where the many gods and goddesses of ancient times became one God. These were awe-inspiring, some with extremely ornate interiors, gold, intricately carved stone walls, and priceless paintings. One ancient church had beautiful fresco paintings on every space imaginable, including a pentacle and a zodiac in one corner. I felt quite at home. In other places you could see the Christian cross carved into Roman and Greek buildings when they were converted into churches.

Finally, after we heard the myths and had seen the sites, we would sleep and weave our own dreams. Then we would discuss these dreams, and to my amazement we learnt just how deeply the ancient myths are entwined in our lives. Dreams and myths are metaphors for life and these can be combined with astrology and used as a unique way of understanding ourselves. I learnt how to turn the language of astrology into a language that is understood by everyone. This builds on the communication in my readings so that a client can easily understand the issue they face and how to make the most of their current situation. I also learnt that while cultures and beliefs change over millennium, essentially we are still the same in our need to connect with the divine and to connect with each other.

And a final word to my newsletter readers; I had a wonderful fun filled time with like-minded people and learnt how to appreciate a glass of ouzo with a meal!


Birthday Greetings go out to all November born Scorpios, Sagittarians, and

December born Capricorns.

The Scorpio said “I will be as harsh as truth and uncompromising as justice. I do not wish to use moderation” Sylvia Plath

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