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Planetary Highlights NovDec 2007 November 3, 2007

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

  Planetary Highlights  We can look forward to an energetic couple of months. Jupiter is in aspect to Uranus during November and suggests a restless search for truth and the experience of new ideas. This is a liberating eye-opening aspect and represents a challenge to our belief systems. We question our ideas and as a result some will change, and others will hold firm to their opinions, but all of us will ask ourselves what do we believe in, and why?

You can actually see Jupiter as the brightest light in the sky through November shining low on the western horizon in the early evening.

Then through December Jupiter will be next to Pluto, the God of the Underworld who sees and knows all. This powerful aspect happens approximately every 12 years and represents a time we want to speak out the current social and cultural situations and change them for the good of all. So community groups, action groups and similar, could be galvanised into having a more active participation in government. We could also seek a strong leader – and the Federal Elections are close. The one who will appear the strongest will win. At the end of December this Jupiter/Pluto union is activated by a connection to the full moon and Mars. The resultant energy release could be dynamic force for pushing along transformational ideas and reform. But this energy, if released without purpose, could result in emotional tension. I think we are able to decide how we want to use all that potential energy on a personal level? If we use it then we can achieve, so decide on how you want your piece of the world transformed, believe it can happen, and work for its success.

The Moon begins her journey this month with a new moon on November the 10th in Scorpio. The basic theme for this new moon is the need to go beneath the surface to understand our creative impulses and act on them. The full moon will be on 25th November in Gemini and represents the illumination of our restrictive past patterns.

On the 10th December the new moon is in Sagittarius and the basic theme is seeing the difference between the established old compared to the adaptable new ways of existing. 

The full moon will be next to Mars (look for the small reddish star) on the 24th December in Cancer. This represents a universal rush of emotional energy about protecting and nurturing our family and friends.

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