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Your Sun Signs Nov-Dec 2007 November 3, 2007

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

  Aries Your ruler, Mars, is appearing to turn in reverse. So you too may feel like you are going backwards. This also awakens your protective instincts but you could over-react to perceived threats. Venus comes to enliven the relationship sector of your chart.  Later, the dramatic full moon in December has the potential to infuse you with a surge of emotions and a sense of purpose.


Your “thinking and decision making” sector is being disturbed. This could lead to impulsive decisions or communications misunderstands. In December your relationship sector is very active so you want to connect with other people in a special way. So, at the very least, make sure you don’t miss an important engagement. But importantly, take your time and don’t let anyone rush you into making decisions.


There are disruptions in you money and values sector so don’t take risks with money. But it is a good time to make strategic plans and persevere in carrying them out.  The Full Moon late November will magnify your feelings and soon brings on a sense of restlessness. This suggests you may spend December in a scattered rush, but also coming up with some great inventive ideas.


Mars, the warrior god, is in Cancer. This awakens your protective and caring nature and you are motivated to ensure security. But if your self confidence is challenged, you could retreat behind your thick shell. Your energy levels may also fluctuate. Late in December the full moon in Cancer leads to a surge of emotional energy, and an urge for physical activity.


Your home sector is being activated and represents an appreciation of home and family and you may want to redecorate or buy something for the house. You could have a strong urge to lean on somebody or to allow others to lean on you. This mutual support can strength you, but only if its mutual. Otherwise you could feel depleted.


Your money sector is being activated and you want the good life – nothing like a bit of luxury to make you feel good. But make sure that you can afford it. On one hand you could desire to steer a conservative course during this time but on the other hand your ruler, Mercury, is challenging you to adapt and come up with alternative ideas and solutions. 


Venus, your ruling planet is in your sign most of November and early December. This represents a sense of fulfilment and of completeness. With this energy you can accomplish a great deal. All the same, be prepared for your career to hit a few bumps. A disruptive energy to your work sector will tend to hold back opportunities and you may not have all the information you need.


The new moon in your sign in early November represents a perfect time to start building for your dreams. Don’t settle for second best – aim high, take a risk and make some changes. Then Venus enters you sign in December and heightens your intense loyalty to others but could also bring the tendency to get distracted with the good things of life.


An energising and liberating energy comes to you with the New Moon in your sign in December. This explains why there is a sense of waiting for something to happen. You are poised to step forward and then persevere through to your desired outcome. But at the same time there could be a desire to rebel against authorities. Will you lead, or will you rebel?


Venus is travelling through your role-in-the- world sector suggesting you want some peace and harmony at work, or be able to bring it to the people around you. But your favourite people are unable to help and may even hinder you. An optimistic spirit arrives as Jupiter enters your sign in mid December. Therefore you may want to let loose some of your constraints and relax into the festive season. 


Your traditional ruler, Saturn is in strong aspect to your modern ruler, Uranus. This represents a struggle between the old and the new. You have rebelled with others to be where you are now. You could now feel that the reality you have created for yourself needs to be overhauled. So think about what entrenched beliefs you need to change to be where you want to be.


Mars is activating your social sector and represents a whirl of engagements and activities which may distract you from finding out what’s bothering the people around you. Once focused, you may find yourself very sensitive to the hidden feeling of others.  Jupiter’s connections through December suggest you are developing strong spiritual and intellectual strengths – new studies or a leadership role could beckon.


What’s happening in the Heavens

For all you night owls-

The brightest star in the west is actually Jupiter but it will disappear down into the horizon by approximately 9.30pm. Appearing in November and clearly visible in December is the constellations Taurus and Orion. You may be able to see the cluster of the 7 visible stars of Pleiades in the shoulder of the Taurean bull. In Greek mythology they are Aphrodite’s seven daughters that were turned into doves. Slightly above Taurus is Orion, a statuesque warrior, but to our eyes he is upside down and his belt and sword becomes the group known to us as the Saucepan.

For all you early birds-

Mars is clearly visible high in the early morning sky in Cancer.  Through December it will become noticeable lower in the sky and by later in the month it will be very low on the western horizon. It stands out from all the other stars as it twinkles with a reddish glow.

Venus is shining brightly as the morning star. She is visible in the east before the Sun rises and will journey through Libra in November and enters Scorpio on the 6th December. She spends 9 months as the morning star so it’s no surprise she has been associated with fertility for thousands of years.

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