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Sun Sign Forecasts Jan/Feb 2008 January 1, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


The unpredictable energy that started last month will continue and perhaps bring situations to a head. But advantages can be gained if you take the time to talk, reflect and reassess to find the hidden nature behind any situation. Then in February you can look to the future; but your energy levels will change, and not always for the better.


Wow; slow down. It’s most unlike you to be going at this pace.  But then maybe it’s time to speed up and fly free. So release a few of your shackles and plan an escape to greener pastures. But chances are this will adversely affect your finances so keep an eye on your budget. But a good escape is worth it.


Your increased energy or restlessness will create events that will give you a chance to reflect on your real goals. I know it’s frustrating and probably confusing, but as Mercury goes retrograde it means February is a time for going over what you have already done. This gives you a perfect opportunity to find mistakes and adjust the outcome. 


You have been in an emotional protective role and begin this season feeling quite restrained. But as time unfolds it’s time to slowly spread your wings and try some tentative new advances. In February you have Venus travelling through your relationship section and this can be a time of uniting in harmony with your loved ones, or finding new loved ones.


With your ruler conjunct Jupiter, this season begins with opportunities which manifests as the Full Moon in Leo shines brightly on the 23rd January. What did you achieve? Then through February it’s a time of reflection on what you want to attain the next time you have such opportunities. Ask the other important people in your life; they will offer insight.


The travels of your ruler, Mercury, represent a world that is demanding you see the bigger picture. But this time it’s frequently lost in a mist of confusion amidst harsh realities. The Virgo Full Moon on the 21st February is also a Lunar Eclipse so emotions will be heightened. It’s a good time to reflect on why you have reacted as you have.      


Got some ideas on improving your home base? I bet you have. Your ideas are probably magnificent – but may not exactly be practical. But the only way to change is to dream of what could be. Opportunities will present themselves in February, just don’t be dazzled by all your ideas that you fail to see the real opportunities around you.


Look around carefully for information that needs to be unearthed but may be hiding in plain view. Once you open your eyes you will find that all that you need to know. Then it’s time to undertake a period of personal renewal with the view to get rid of old garbage, both the rubbish around the home and rubbish in your heart.


Now that Jupiter, your ruler, has now moved out of Sagittarius you may feel ill at ease. Especially now that the focus has moved to your relationship sector so its all about the people in your life and those you love. You want all the good things that come with love, but they seem to be indecisive and impulsive. 


A New Moon in Capricorn on the 8th January makes this season an ideal time to start something new. Combine positive thinking with action and reap the rewards as Venus, the goddess of love, enters Capricorn later in January.  She brings benefits and something of value will come your way. Just don’t miss the silver while you wait for the gold.


You are affected by Mercury’s backwards and forwards movement and thus it’s a season of indecision. But it’s also a time to reflect and reassess on the past. Then the New Moon on the 7th Feb in Aquarius will be a perfect time to release the past and focus on the future, so take advantage and develop new ideas for yourself.


This is a season for making some choices between your role in the world, and what your home and family want you to do. It may seem like some people take delight in telling you what to do, but this is just their way of working through their own issues. Try to stay focused and trust in your own decisions.

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