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Planetary Highlights – March/April 2008 March 1, 2008

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 Planetary Highlights – March/April 2008

We begin this season with a Pisces New Moon on the 7th March and this New Moon is a perfect time to put spiritual plans into place. But the major event of this season is the Autumn Equinox on March 21st. This Equinox is a transition time, a time of Full Moon and a time we become aware of, and can release, inner tension.

An Equinox marks the time the centre of the Sun is directly above the earth’s equator. The length of the days and nights are now equal. From now on the Sun will begin to spend more time in the northern Hemisphere, and leave us to endure the coming winter chills. The fertile times are now over, and the land lies still and refreshes itself over the fallow months. The Sun this Equinox is in a difficult connection to Pluto, the God of the Underworld, and to Mars, the Warrior God. This suggests we struggle to overcome entrenched and overly rigid principles, and seem to be in the middle of a gladiator battle. But once we realise that we are making no headway we can then purge the negativity and look for compromises, and thus a new sense of equilibrium in the achievement of our aims.

Adding to this dynamic is the Libran Full Moon which is also on the 21st March at the Equinox, and will help us attain the balance to release the unwanted principles, feelings, attachments and the toxins within us. On an individual and practical level, it is an ideal time to start activities like start a diet or clean the house/shed, but it is better if we can also cleanse and refresh our souls. Then prepare to bring in fresh exuberance and actions at the Aries New Moon on the 6th April. We will have another chance to clean-up, on both the physical and metaphysical levels at the Scorpio Full Moon on the 20th April.

Palmistry Hints – The Head Line March 1, 2008

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 Palmistry Hints- Your Head Line

This is a major line that runs across the palm from below the index (Jupiter) finger. It is between the Life and Heart lines. The Head line represents the way we think, our brain power, our memory and concentration, and our reasoning ability.

Sometimes the Head line is connected to the Life line at the beginning and this suggests that a person is cautious and listens to the ideas and values of the family. The more the Head line begins above the Life line and separate from it, then the more it suggests a self-reliant and independent, perhaps impulsive personality that will not appreciate restrictions.

Difficulties can arise between people if one has a wide space and one has a close connection of the Head and Life line. Have a look at your partners and children’s hands to understand their needs for either a cautious, or a freedom orientated approach to life.

Sometimes the Head line will not start immediately at the side of the hand and this represents a person who does not feel that they really became their own person and had their own mind until some time had passed. They (we) are the late developers in life. J

Occasionally the Head line will look like one long crease directly across the palm. These people are likely to be incredibly intensely focused on just one idea or concept at a time. Sometimes the Heart line will merge into this Head line and appear to be one line. These people will thrive in careers that are intellectually demanding. But they are apt to find the emotional complexities of relationships confusing as they try to analyse and “think” their way through their feeling life.

We are all so very different, and our palms can really show our unique qualities.                                    

Your Sun Sign Forecast – March/April 2008 March 1, 2008

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Sun Signs – March/April 2008Aries

Your home sector is activated and the New Moon in Aries on the 6th April represents situations with your family where you are taking your sense of righteousness onto very high moral ground. Once up there, there is only one way down. Look deeply within and ask yourself if you are taking it to extremes. Then have the last word; apologise!


During March you will find out some interesting information which will be important for your current job and future goals. This will result in a surge of ideas. Late in April your ruling planet, Venus, enters a time that you feel a lack of sparkle, and so its time to unwind and rest from the hurly-burly of the last few months. 


This season its time to take time to “smell the roses” and appreciate the beautiful and the divine. These simple pleasures will endure through time. Female friends can help you tap into a deeper awareness of life and will encourage you to participate in new activities. But it’s also time to be concerned how wasteful you are with your money and resources. 


Mars, the planet of energy and activation, re-enters Cancer to propel you to expect something more. This is likely to be focused on your working situation, even if you work from home. There is a repeating theme of over-reacting and taking on too much. This could lead to increased stress levels and a feeling of chronic tiredness.


You may be in too much of a hurry to release what you think is no longer useful. But is it change for changes sake? Are you throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater? Chances are you are being your own worse enemy. Enough of the fancy sayings! Ask your beloved, they continue to tell you what you are missing. 


Time to concentrate on relationships; and not just the fun stuff. Its commitment you want! Commitments to the future, commitments to holiday plans, in fact, undertake a contract with someone and you will be happy. But after recent sensitive times, it’s really a need to be emotionally self-disciplined and have some solid evidence that what you are feeling is real.


The Equinox Full Moon is in Libra on the 21st March and brings in intense feelings and perhaps a sense of apprehension. These illuminate the need to balance and realign your emotions with your reality. If you don’t love it – get rid of it. You will receive help via messages from someone important, but demands at work will be a big distraction.


This is a great time to plan and start new projects but there is a real tendency to give 150%. This will help you achieve a great deal; but you may overdo it. Take time to factor in a holiday or short break, especially when emotions are heightened at the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 20th April.


Got yourself stuck in a rut? Over these two months it will take a just tiny bit of effort and you can achieve the changes you want. The “stars” are on your side and bringing you a bit of luck, so changes are not as difficult as you think. Even changes outside your control will easily and smoothly happen.


There is a “Slow Down” sign hovering in the heavens for you. So if you have to bide your time then take the time to reflect and reassess events from the past. Put it to good use and take care of details you may have overlooked. A sense of discomfort (or even cross words) with loved ones will not solve any problems.


March starts with a whirl of activity, with people or just thoughts swirling around you. But does this help? Are you longing for the old tried and true solutions that worked in the past?

Does it really matter – as long as it works! Add a pinch of self-discipline and tenacity to increase your potential for insight and natural wisdom.


There are changes and adjustments that are needed and these may tend to start happening around the New Moon which is in Pisces on the 7th March. The very good news is that you currently have great connections and communication skills to get the wheels in motion. But there may be young people/children in your life which need some guidance.

Moon Gardening March- April 2008 March 1, 2008

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Simple Moon Gardening

If you do not know how to use this guide for your garden; please scroll to the end.  

March 2008

1st Sagittarius – Third Quarter Moon is waning

2nd Sagittarius to Capricorn

3rd Capricorn

4th Capricorn to Aquarius

5th Aquarius

6th Aquarius

7th Pisces

8th Pisces – New Moon is now starting waxing phase

9th Pisces to Aries

10th Aries

11th Aries to Taurus

12th Taurus

13th Taurus to Gemini

14th Gemini – First Quarter Moon is waxing

15th Gemini to Cancer

16th Cancer

17th Cancer to Leo

18th Leo

19th Leo to Virgo

20th Virgo

21st Virgo

22nd Virgo to Libra – Full Moon. Will now start its waning phase

23rd Libra

24th Libra to Scorpio

25th Scorpio

26th Scorpio

27th Scorpio to Sagittarius

28th Sagittarius

29th Sagittarius to Capricorn

30th Capricorn – Third Quarter Moon is waning

31st Capricorn

April 2008

1st Aquarius

2nd Aquarius

3rd Aquarius to Pisces

4th Pisces

5th Pisces to Aries

6th Aries – New Moon. Will now start its waxing phase

7th Aries to Taurus

8th Taurus

9th Taurus to Gemini

10th Gemini

11th Gemini to Cancer

12th Cancer

13th Cancer to Leo – First Quarter Moon is waxing

14th Leo

15th Leo

16th Virgo

17th Virgo

18th Virgo to Libra

19th Libra

20th Libra to Scorpio – Full Moon. Will now start its waning phase

21st Scorpio

22nd Scorpio

23rd Scorpio to Sagittarius

24th Sagittarius

25th Sagattarius to Capricorn

26th Capricorn

27th Capricorn

28th Capricorn to Aquarius

29th Aquarius

Moon gardening can become more detailed in the specific times to plant root or leafy crops, and in further refinement of the semi-barren and semi-fertile signs. But to begin your life of gardening by the moon, begin with this simple technique; and success will be yours.

Rule 1. Make use of the Moon Phase. When the moon is getting bigger, known as waxing, the life force or energy is going into a growing phase. So its time to plant seedlings, apply foliage fertilisers, prune to stimulate growth and any activity where you want growth and foliage and general expansion.

When the moon is getting smaller, known as waning, the life force or energy is going into the roots. Now its time to apply organic manure, plant your roots crops, prune to retard growth, kill weeds and pests, cultivate, and strike plants that need a period of dormancy before they grow.

Rule 2. Find out the Moon Sign. The Moon moves through the zodiac and is in each sign for about 2 or 3 days. Some signs are fertile and some are barren. If the moon is in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), or Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), it is considered to be fertile. If it is in Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) then its barren.

Just think literally – real earth and water are the ideal place to grow things so they must represent fertile signs. And fire is hot and burns, and air blows the dust around, so they must represent barren signs. But……..see exceptions 1 and 2!

Exception 1. The air sign Libra should be barren, but is really semi fertile. Why; because Libra is concerned with balance and harmony, and plants want to grow and bloom and be beautiful, just like the essential qualities of Librans.

Exception 2. The earth sign Virgo should be fertile – but is actually barren. Why; because Virgo is symbolically the untouched ideal, and very fussy, and being a Virgo I must admit we are a (tiny?) bit critical, so it’s not a good time to plant things. These plants will be selective and hard to please. They find everything just too cold, too hot, too dry, too wet, too……….do you get the idea?

Yours in the Stars