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Palmistry Hints – The Head Line March 1, 2008

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 Palmistry Hints- Your Head Line

This is a major line that runs across the palm from below the index (Jupiter) finger. It is between the Life and Heart lines. The Head line represents the way we think, our brain power, our memory and concentration, and our reasoning ability.

Sometimes the Head line is connected to the Life line at the beginning and this suggests that a person is cautious and listens to the ideas and values of the family. The more the Head line begins above the Life line and separate from it, then the more it suggests a self-reliant and independent, perhaps impulsive personality that will not appreciate restrictions.

Difficulties can arise between people if one has a wide space and one has a close connection of the Head and Life line. Have a look at your partners and children’s hands to understand their needs for either a cautious, or a freedom orientated approach to life.

Sometimes the Head line will not start immediately at the side of the hand and this represents a person who does not feel that they really became their own person and had their own mind until some time had passed. They (we) are the late developers in life. J

Occasionally the Head line will look like one long crease directly across the palm. These people are likely to be incredibly intensely focused on just one idea or concept at a time. Sometimes the Heart line will merge into this Head line and appear to be one line. These people will thrive in careers that are intellectually demanding. But they are apt to find the emotional complexities of relationships confusing as they try to analyse and “think” their way through their feeling life.

We are all so very different, and our palms can really show our unique qualities.                                    


1. Kerry - April 11, 2008

I am a professional Astrolger and Palmist and cannot make judgements on single lines or features in a palm. Please go to a good palmist in your area or learn from a good site like internationalcollegeof palmistry.com
I do sincerely recommend it.
Thank you and all the best.

2. Alicia - April 11, 2008

My little girl has a ‘star’ shape (several small lines intersecting a middle point) to the right of her passive hand (left). What can or does this tell us of her life?

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