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Planetary Highlights – March/April 2008 March 1, 2008

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 Planetary Highlights – March/April 2008

We begin this season with a Pisces New Moon on the 7th March and this New Moon is a perfect time to put spiritual plans into place. But the major event of this season is the Autumn Equinox on March 21st. This Equinox is a transition time, a time of Full Moon and a time we become aware of, and can release, inner tension.

An Equinox marks the time the centre of the Sun is directly above the earth’s equator. The length of the days and nights are now equal. From now on the Sun will begin to spend more time in the northern Hemisphere, and leave us to endure the coming winter chills. The fertile times are now over, and the land lies still and refreshes itself over the fallow months. The Sun this Equinox is in a difficult connection to Pluto, the God of the Underworld, and to Mars, the Warrior God. This suggests we struggle to overcome entrenched and overly rigid principles, and seem to be in the middle of a gladiator battle. But once we realise that we are making no headway we can then purge the negativity and look for compromises, and thus a new sense of equilibrium in the achievement of our aims.

Adding to this dynamic is the Libran Full Moon which is also on the 21st March at the Equinox, and will help us attain the balance to release the unwanted principles, feelings, attachments and the toxins within us. On an individual and practical level, it is an ideal time to start activities like start a diet or clean the house/shed, but it is better if we can also cleanse and refresh our souls. Then prepare to bring in fresh exuberance and actions at the Aries New Moon on the 6th April. We will have another chance to clean-up, on both the physical and metaphysical levels at the Scorpio Full Moon on the 20th April.

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