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News from the Planets – May June 2008 April 30, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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There is a focus on information being hidden, then exposed later this season. It begins mildly enough with a New Moon 5th May in Taurus which is an ideal time to initiate greater control of your finances. Then a repeat of the Jupiter and Uranus aspect in mid May continues opening our minds to new ideas and we will all share a sense of alert attentiveness for information. The Full Moon is on the 20th May and is in Scorpio, so give yourself some space at this time.

 Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th May in Gemini, so we can see the God of Information attempting to back-pedal out of the limelight. And shortly after on the 4th June the New Moon will be in curious and inquisitive Gemini. This is an interesting combination so be on the lookout for attempts to hide information and watch the media hunt for the reason why.  It also creates an environment of whispered gossip that can become harmful.

An illuminating moment will occur just after Mercury goes direct when on the 19th June there is a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius aligned with Pluto who is ever willing to exposure the hidden truths. We will have a momentary veil of illusion cast on the 22nd June when Mars lies opposite Neptune. Some may remain deluded, but everyone else will be aware of what has been hidden and the truth behind the gossip.        

The Solstice is on 21st June and heralds the time that the Sun moves into Cancer and the moment that the night and the day are equal. It’s a time of celebration for ancient civilisations as it is “the changing of the guard”. The Moon God of the night has ruled supreme, but now the Sun God slowly begins to returns. The times of quiet introspection and reflection of the long nights are ending, and soon the ancient peoples would return to hunting and farming. Even today with our artificial light we still resonate to the changing energies of the season. So reflect and plan what you want to attain during the coming warm growing season; growth in all dimensions, emotionally and mentally for yourself and for your loved ones.

 All the best for the season – yours in the Stars


Your Sun Signs – May June 2008 April 30, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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 Your Sun Signs


With Venus in your money zone in May there will be some lucky breaks with your finances. This season also begins with a rush of ideas but in the middle of June, under Neptune’s influence, beware of ideas that are too good to be true. They may be connected to young people in your life. So double check everything.


The New Moon in Taurus on the 5th May is an ideal time to attend to possessions because Mercury is coming to retrograde through your zone of assets through most of June. Items will become lost and misplaced, especially in the home due to the influence of Mars. The 8th June is a significant date for not seeing what you should see.


Your own ruler, Mercury, retrograding through your own sign means you have a chance to reflect on events from the past. The enforced reassessment can help you clarify goals and make new intentions. The New Moon on the 4th June begins a year long cycle of wanting to know about yourself and the life you live. What do you want to change?


During this season you will be picking up important collective information and bringing it in to your own life. You could find yourself somewhere between becoming environmentally and politically aware, to being at the forefront of the latest fashion fad. The down side is that Mars in your money zone could result in you and your precious money being separated.


Over this season a memory you thought you had forgotten surfaces to disturb you, especially in mid June. Mars is involved and ensures you have the emotional energy, if not the physical energy, to embrace the opportunity to release the toxic burden you have carried. Stress can lead to health concerns. So remember that garbage becomes compost which becomes fertile soil.


An issue with your work, paid or unpaid, will be highlighted during the Mercury retrograde period, especially in the first week of June. At this time Mars will start to push you to take action while Saturn wants stability. But wait till later in June when you know all the details: and we know how important the details are to you! 


Early in May you have the ability to taken seriously by people with influence. But later in the month and through June, retrograde Mercury causes you to doubt your beliefs. Stay focused, because by the end of June you will sort out the difficulties. Friends could be quarrelsome, so simply choose who you want to spend time with.  


The Scorpio Full Moon on the 29th May will heighten your sense of vulnerability, and leave you craving some quiet time. Venus enters your relationship zone through June and brings a touch of good fortune from others. But take care as Neptune casts a cloud of confusion around your work or worldly role on the 15th June.


Later in May your creativity will be flowing with flashes of brilliance and forward thinking ideas. But your relationships are affected by Mercury retrograde, so your loved ones will be going in the opposite direction. Don’t wait; they will catch up later in the season. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 19th June will inspire you to yet a new direction.


A period of relative quiet is over as your ruler, Saturn, goes direct on the 5th May, now it’s back to knuckling down to business. A big focus on the relationship sector of the chart is building deeper connections to other people. Opportunities with Jupiter are still available, especially after mid June, but you need to dig for them.  


Some new ideas and a brilliant solution will present itself but you may have to wait to activate it. Also perhaps you get a lucky break, but you deserve it, because everything else seems so incredibly fated this season, especially in early June. You could feel like a small piece in a gigantic jigsaw simply waiting to see what happens. 


The Jupiter connection to Uranus, especially in late May, will help you in finding your current direction. This will mostly come by various group connections and friends with great ideas. But Mars placement suggests that there could be disruption with paid helpers, employees or work colleagues. Early June could find you with extra people at home, so have a few supplies on hand. 


 Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love.

Lao-Tzu (604 BC – 531 BC)