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News From The Planets – July August 2008 July 2, 2008

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Tuesday 2nd July 

Mars enters Virgo

This heralds a time of energy being applied to the analytical and technical aspects of life. Our attention to detail will be second to none, but watch the urge to be extra critical and demanding of our own and others work ethics.

 Wednesday 3rd July

New Moon in Cancer.

The Moon comes to its natural home in Cancer and indicates our preference for the home and the company of family. This is a special time to “seed” any intentions we have, especially ones involving our beloved and any young people around us.

 Friday 11th July

Mercury enters Cancer, and Mars conjunct Saturn.

Mercury, the ancient god of thought and communication, moves into a feeling and emotional sign. This bodes well for the intuitive and sensitive types. But those that value crisp and sharp intellectual awareness will be literally “all at sea”.

Mars conjunct Saturn is a metaphor for the warrior god challenging the original King of the gods. The result is a tense and awkward time, but on the other hand we can find the strength to endure and the power to resist. 

 Sunday 13th July

Venus moves into Leo

Ah, fun and the games we can have as gentle Venus wants to romp like a playful lion. This makes social engagements feel twice as good, and we want to put on some “bling” and have some light-hearted joy. The next few weeks are a perfect time to have a party.

 Friday 18th July

The Full Moon is in Capricorn

Our sense of duty predominates over our heart and a sober and responsible attitude can flourish. Many of our thoughts will turn to thinking about our career and how we feel about where we are currently in achieving our life’s purpose. 

 Tuesday 22nd July

The Sun enters Leo

It’s a time of sparkle and flamboyance. So any wonder those born in the time of Leo are renowned as playful and outgoing.  They are not necessarily extraverts, but they do bring a particular sense of warmth and excitement to the rest of us.

 Saturday 26th July

Mercury enters Leo

Communication and interactions have now moved into the playful Lion sign. Notice everybody talking very loudly? There is a wealth of talking about plans, and a dearth of actual planning.

 Friday 1st August

New Moon is in Leo with a Solar Eclipse (not seen here)

With all these planets in Leo, now the Moon enters the scene and it promises a boost of confidence which is a help to those who want to impress partners, seek romance, and attract the attention of the bosses. A good time to show yourself in the best light.  Just don’t forget to deliver on the promise.

 Wednesday 6th August

Venus enters Virgo

A high moral tone is set as Venus moves into Virgo. We can so easily be displeased with the messiness and tawdriness of the humdrum. Thus we may suddenly be aware of all those dust bunnies, or see our beloved do something unbecoming or even heaven-forbid – pass wind; and be outraged!

 Sunday 10th August

Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury come to its home in Virgo and thrives on a thirst for knowledge in academic, analytical and medical matters. If we have to write an essay, or present a proposal or an idea, now is the time as the attention to detail will help the words flow with grace.

 Sunday 17th August

Full Moon is in Aquarius with a Lunar Eclipse (not seen here)

This is a social and outgoing Full Moon and is a time we want to be independent and feel unfettered by the small concerns of life. There is also a collective gathering of energy for humanitarian causes and issues to do with the wider community. At this time it is easier to think outside your known world and be ready to help others nationally and globally.

 Tuesday 19th August

Mars enters Libra

This theoretically should be an optimum time for teamwork. The energy is there, but Mars is a planet that likes to do his own thing. So cooperation will only work if there is an outcome that every single person involved agrees upon. So if you and your beloved are not on the same wavelength then your “team/family” will notice some hassles. 

 Saturday 23rd August

Sun enters Virgo

Did the ancients notice the attention to detail and the orderliness of people born at this time and create a picture of a precise virgin in the sky to celebrate this energy? No; I believe that they created a philosophy of life that joined the concepts of Earth, Mutability and Femininity which later astrologers grouped into the sign of Virgo as a teaching exercise. As far history becomes myth, so the virgin became the sign of Virgo.

 Friday 29th August

Mercury enters Libra

If you need tact and diplomacy, now is the time you turn to the stars and reach for this skill. It’s a perfect time to hone the art of perceiving the other person point of view, and then knowing what to say to help them understand yours. Groups of people will work well together and social occasions will be a buzz of conversation and friendly debate.  

 Sunday 31st August

New Moon in Virgo and Venus enters Libra

The Virgo New Moon suggests a time we can easily apply ourselves to our bodies, and start health and exercise routines. The head is ruling the heart so we can take diligence and practical care with our daily routine and apply ourselves to the details of life.

Venus moving into it home sign of Libra and as the old song says, “Peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars”.   The only danger is procrastinating about what to do. Libra is an indecisive sign and Venus, the goddess of love, will have so much to choose from she cannot make up her mind. Social and work meetings will be harmonious and any conflict can be easily resolved.

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