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Your Sun Signs – July August 2008 July 2, 2008

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In July there is a situation at your work place or in your daily routine that requires attention as it activates your sense of responsibility. This is also a time to connect to other people as your zone of Fun is activated. Social networks and relationships will develop, so let your hair down and enjoy the resultant increase in social life.     



Around mid July there is improvement around the home as Venus enters your family zone and you want to spend time around the house. At the same time there could be coolness or disharmony with the young people in your life, or delays in your own social activities. This quickly settles down and a quiet and serious mood continues through August.



Your feeling of being on track evaporates in Mid July and there could be disruptions around your home, either with family members or with physical changes. So rearrange some furniture and undertake some long needed repairs to disperse any negative energy. Relief comes in early August as you will need to take a lot of short trips; satisfying your restless nature.



This is a season of new beginnings and deepening self respect with a New Moon and Venus in your sign.  A new love could emerge or existing love deepen. Be careful with hasty words in Mid July. Through August you may find that you want new possessions and there is a focus on how much (or not) money you have.



Lucky you; there is a number of planets in Leo, including Venus, so fun, love and enjoyment are on offer. But watch your spending. In August you have a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse, so you will feel the need to commit yourself to a new direction, or a person, but you will also need to release the old.



July has Mars and Saturn together in your sign so there will be tensions and uneasiness. But this energy can also be used to energetically overcome obstacles as stamina and perseverance is increased. As this tension resolves through August you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s the sunlight coming; not a train.



This season is a time of dreaming of new goals and possibilities, perhaps thinking of a move or a new career. Friends may be the ones that activate you or encourage you to plan big. There will be a few worries in early July but these just mean you thinking of how your ideas could impact on those around you. 



It’s lucky that perseverance is one of your traits, as you will need it this season. Your work can get very busy and so it seems life just plods along. There may even be delays, but these fade by August. Bide your time in the big things and instead focus your energy on the little things that you can manage.



The union of Mars and Saturn in your work zone suggest that friction and tension will be felt with authority figures around you. You can feel that they are challenging you, but are you really challenging them? It could also manifest as a difficult situation that fellow workers are involved in. It is a time to ask yourself why you feel trapped.



You have a Full Moon shining brightly upon you this season with lots of social connections and fun to be had. Delightful new people could come into your life. There may be disruptions to your travel plans and you will need to knuckle down to finish any studies. But these issues are well and truly sorted by later in August. 



This season there is a need to take responsibility for what you know and what you would prefer remains hidden. It may be information that you alone are aware of. The Aquarius Full Moon in August could bring this out into the open. The connection to Venus and Jupiter means the outcome is good and relationships develop and existing ones deepen.



It seems you need the “colour” of your life to brighten. I suggest you liven up your environment or your social life. Through August you may become aware of your health and the need to make adjustment to your diet or exercise habits. If arguments develop with your partner or friends use the energy in a positive manner and become active together.


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