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Palmistry FAQ’s September 3, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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Q. My life line is short. Does that mean I have a short life?

A. Definitely not! Depending on what hand, it may suggest you run out of energy faster than other people. That just mean you (and me) need to conserve our get-up-and-go and plan to enjoy a regular afternoon siesta later in life!

 Q. What are my important lines?

A. The Life line starts under the index (Jupiter) finger and curves around the thumb. The Head line starts near the Life line and crosses the palm. The Heart line starts under the little (Mercury) finger and ends near the index (Jupiter) finger. Some people have a Fate or Destiny line that crosses the palm vertically.


Q. How can you tell what has happen, is happening or will happen?

A. The condition of the major lines is important. I notice if they are deep or light, feathery, form islands, fade out, fade in, change direction and have tiny dints or forks arising from them. I also look at the position and direction of the many small influence lines or obstacle lines coming into, or crossing, the major lines. 


Q. Where do you look for what is the best type of career for me?

A. To read palms we look at every aspect. I would look at the shape of the hands, their length and the length of the fingers for the personal style of expression and communication style. Next I would look at the Head line for thinking style. It is important to pay attention to the Life line and Destiny line, if it is present, for the need for security in a career. Also I would look at the degree of creativity compared to the degree of planning as shown in the palm, and the degree of will-power and determination as show by the thumb. Then we put all these factors together to suggest the personal strengths that could be best utilised in a particular type of career. Thus there is not just one place that is particular to any question.


Q. Why do you look at both hands?

A. The dominant hand, usually the right, shows the current situation and physical life that is clearly seen by everybody. This hand shows physical health, career, and opportunities or obstacles from the outer material world.

The passive hand, usually the left, is the past and the life that is kept hidden within oneself and only shared with loved ones. This hand shows emotional health, feelings, influences from the past, and opportunity or obstacles from the inner emotional and spiritual world.

I always smile and tell people to make sure to bring both hands to a reading. One day I will get caught short when I meet an amputee!

All the best,

Kerry Galea


A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.                        Knights of Pythagoras


In Roman days it was rude to point the long finger at anyone. It was known as Digitus Impudicious, which roughly translates as the “impudent digit”. It symbolised the male genitalia and was a very derogative gesture; just the same as it is today. Times don’t change all that much!

Moon Gardening September October 2008 September 3, 2008

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Welcome to the latest Moon gardening segment. For a reminder of how to use this information, please scroll down. All the best with your gardening this season

1st Sep Virgo

2nd Sep Pisces to Libra

3rd Sep Libra

4th Sep Libra to Scorpio

5th Sep Scorpio

6th Sep Scorpio

7th Sep Sagittarius

8th Sep Sagittarius

9th Sep Sagittarius to Capricorn

10th Sep Capricorn

11th Sep Capricorn to Aquarius

12th Sep Aquarius

13th Sep Aquarius

14th Sep Aquarius to Pisces

15th Sep Full Moon Pisces

16th Sep Pisces to Aries

17th Sep Aries

18th Sep Aries to Taurus

19th Sep Taurus

20th Sep Taurus to Gemini

21st Sep Gemini

22nd Sep Gemini to Cancer

23rd Sep Cancer

24th Sep Cancer

25th Sep Leo

26th Sep Leo

27th Sep Virgo

28th Sep Virgo

29th Sep Virgo to New Moon in Libra

30th Sep Libra


1st October Libra to Scorpio

2nd Oct Scorpio

3rd Oct Scorpio

4th Oct Sagittarius

5th Oct Sagittarius

6th Oct Sagittarius to Capricorn

7th Oct Capricorn

8th Oct Capricorn

9th Oct Capricorn to Aquarius

10th Oct Aquarius

11th Oct Aquarius to Pisces

12th Oct Pisces

13th Oct Pisces to Aries

14th Oct Aries

15th Oct Full Moon in Aries then Moon moves to Taurus

16th Oct Taurus

17th Oct Taurus to Gemini

18th Oct Gemini

19th Oct Gemini to Cancer

20th Oct Cancer

21st Oct Cancer

22nd Oct Cancer to Leo

23rd Oct Leo

24th Oct Leo to Virgo

25th Oct Virgo

26th Oct Virgo to Libra

27th Oct Libra

28th Oct Libra to Scorpio

29th Oct New Moon in Scorpio

30th Oct Scorpio

31st Oct Scorpio to Sagittarius


Gardening by the Moon

Kerry Galea

 Gardening by the Moon involves uses the Moons phases to find the right time to plant and maintain your garden. It increases the health of plants and the yield of crops. But sometimes it’s difficult to understand the reasons why we are supposed to do certain jobs at certain times. To make it simple, I will share with you my method of understanding Moon gardening that is easy to remember, and easy to use.

 First I will tell you two simple rules – then the two simple exceptions to the rules!

 Rule 1. Make use of the Moon Phase. When the moon is getting bigger, known as waxing, the life force or energy is going into a growing phase. So its time to plant seedlings, apply foliage fertilisers, and any activity where you want growth, foliage and general expansion.

When the moon is getting smaller, known as waning, the life force or energy is going into the roots. Now its time to apply organic manure, plant your roots crops, prune to retard growth, kill weeds and pests, cultivate, and strike plants that need a period of dormancy before they grow. But during the exact New and Full Moons it is best to avoid any activity.

 Rule 2. Find out the Moon Sign. The Moon moves through the zodiac and is in each sign for about 2 or 3 days. Some signs are fertile and some are barren. Planting should be done in fertile signs and maintenance performed in barren signs. If the moon is in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), or Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), it is considered to be fertile. If it is in Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) then its barren. But avoid the actual time of the New and Full Moons.

To remember this; just think literally – real earth and water are the ideal place to grow things so they must represent fertile signs. And fire is hot and burns, and air blows the dust around, so they must represent barren signs. But….see exceptions 1 and 2!

 Exception 1. Libra is an air sign and so should be barren, but it is really fertile. Why; because Libra is concerned with balance and harmony, and plants want to grow and bloom and be beautiful, just like the essential qualities of Librans.

Exception 2. Virgo is an earth sign and should be fertile, but is actually barren. Why; because Virgo is symbolically the untouched ideal, and very fussy, so it’s not a good time to plant things. These plants will be selective and hard to please. They find everything just too cold, too hot, too dry, too wet, too….do you get the idea?

 So for planting, select the waxing phase of the Moon and find the times the Moon is in fertile signs. And for garden maintenance or weeding, select the waning phase and the barren signs. But take care to avoid the peak New and Full Moons for any activity.

 Moon gardening can become a great deal more detailed in the times to plant leafy, root or fruiting crops, but to start your life of Gardening by the Moon, begin with this simple technique; and success will be yours.

 Kerry Galea

News from the planets September October 2008 September 3, 2008

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8th September Jupiter in Capricorn moves direct.

At last, expansive Jupiter appears to change direction and can help us move ahead.

10th September Pluto moves direct.

The Plutonian energy of transformation can no longer be denied.

15th September Full Moon in Pisces

Illumination of the feeling nature and therefore a sensitive time.

23rd September Sun into Libra and our Spring Equinox where the length of the day equals the length of the night.

Apollo the Sun God shines his energy to all the Librans of the world.

24th September Venus into Scorpio

The Goddess of Love seeks deep and intense relationships with others.

24th September Mercury goes retrograde in Libra.

The planet of communication suddenly turns backwards and scrambles the delicate balance of understanding.

29th September New Moon in Libra.

Growth begins in the search for harmony; but see 24th September and image the resultant confusion.

4th October Mars moves into Scorpio.

The god of action gains deep conviction and passion about ambitions.

15th October Full Moon in Aries.

Both the good and bad realisation of all that Mars has done since the 4th October. 

17th October Mercury moves direct in Libra.

At last; communication is back on track after the effect of the 24th September.

20th October Venus moves into Sagittarius.

The Goddess of Love moves into an idealistic mode and thus we seek to bond with a wider understanding of the world.

23rd October Sun moves into Scorpio.

Apollo the Sun God shines his energy onto all Scorpios of the world.

29th October New Moon in Scorpio

The potential for a month of growth in deep understanding and intimacy.

Your Forecasts for September October 2008 September 3, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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Your relationship zone is being affected by the backwards movement of Mercury. You like to look ahead. But your beloved will be indecisive and reflective. Then in the middle of October, Mercury goes forward and you also have a Full Moon in Aries. This heightens your emotional energy, and you now feel like you and your partner are on the same wavelength.


September brings a busy focus which could play out in your working environment. A simple exercise routine can release pent up energy.  Venus enters you relationship zone late in September with the potential for harmony and deepening love. But energetic Mars comes along to suggest your loved ones may feel restless and edgy; so plan tension releasing activities together.


Your ruling planet Mercury is going backwards in your zone of personal creativity. Thus you have the golden opportunity to look within and discover how you want to express your unique essential nature. Its time to find your individuality, but the down-side of this energy is forgetfulness and misplacing things. Mercury begins its normal forward movement in mid October.


The equinox on the 23rd September symbolises the return to equality between the ancient Sun god and the Moon goddess. This equinox happens while the Moon is in Cancer, so this season you have the potential to be a powerful part of any reconciliation processes. This includes healing any friction by creating a balance, and can manifest by bringing harmony into lives as you reunite people.


Your money zone is completely stressed this season. So be prepared have some extra money put away for unexpected expenses. At the very least, learn a new skill; and budget!  But you are surrounded by people willing to take a risk, so a budget will be difficult. Mercury’s backwards movement affects your communication zone so you may easily forget, or not receive, important information.


You had a New Moon on 31st August in Virgo which began a process of letting go, and through this season you begin to see what you need to do for the future. As your ruler Mercury goes retrograde, allow yourself time to reflect on what your core values really are. The definitive agent of change will come as Saturn opposes Uranus in early November.


You have a New Moon on the 29th September suggesting this is the season of new beginnings for you. You will feel the urge to put things in motion, but you have unpredictable Mercury in your sign. Mercury is going backwards until 17th October so it could feel like you are being held back. Also double check all your decisions and communications.


With benefic Venus already in Scorpio, and action Mars entering in early October you have a lot of positive energy on your side. Mars brings the surge to focus on the big goals of life. This can be harnessed at the Scorpio New Moon on the 29th October. This is the perfect time to let go of old issues and look ahead to the future.


Saturn in your career zone suggests there is continued focus on your working life, be it paid or unpaid. But this season Venus enters Sagittarius suggesting its time to think about what you really want to do. Do you like what you work at? Venus is the goddess that brings beauty and harmony and peace. Does your “work” do this for you?


This season you have Jupiter, the king of the gods, giving you a helping hand as it changes direction and moves forward whilst in Capricorn. This suggests that any plans that have been on delayed for the last few months will resolve. But that quicksilver planet Mercury is still delaying anything to do with work issues until later in October.


This season your shared money and resources zone is being challenged. This suggests that there will be issues over finances or facilities that you share with other people. Planning a budget or a sharing program will help, but to make it work without tension this needs to be agreed to by all parties. Also check that your investments are being managed carefully.


Early September you will have a Full Moon in your sign. This is an empowering but challenging time as you see the changes that need to be made. But the people that are important to you are cautious and want certain situations to remain the same. This is the season to ponder how to help yourself, and them, adjust to these important changes.