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News from the planets September October 2008 September 3, 2008

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8th September Jupiter in Capricorn moves direct.

At last, expansive Jupiter appears to change direction and can help us move ahead.

10th September Pluto moves direct.

The Plutonian energy of transformation can no longer be denied.

15th September Full Moon in Pisces

Illumination of the feeling nature and therefore a sensitive time.

23rd September Sun into Libra and our Spring Equinox where the length of the day equals the length of the night.

Apollo the Sun God shines his energy to all the Librans of the world.

24th September Venus into Scorpio

The Goddess of Love seeks deep and intense relationships with others.

24th September Mercury goes retrograde in Libra.

The planet of communication suddenly turns backwards and scrambles the delicate balance of understanding.

29th September New Moon in Libra.

Growth begins in the search for harmony; but see 24th September and image the resultant confusion.

4th October Mars moves into Scorpio.

The god of action gains deep conviction and passion about ambitions.

15th October Full Moon in Aries.

Both the good and bad realisation of all that Mars has done since the 4th October. 

17th October Mercury moves direct in Libra.

At last; communication is back on track after the effect of the 24th September.

20th October Venus moves into Sagittarius.

The Goddess of Love moves into an idealistic mode and thus we seek to bond with a wider understanding of the world.

23rd October Sun moves into Scorpio.

Apollo the Sun God shines his energy onto all Scorpios of the world.

29th October New Moon in Scorpio

The potential for a month of growth in deep understanding and intimacy.

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