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Palmistry FAQ’s September 3, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

Q. My life line is short. Does that mean I have a short life?

A. Definitely not! Depending on what hand, it may suggest you run out of energy faster than other people. That just mean you (and me) need to conserve our get-up-and-go and plan to enjoy a regular afternoon siesta later in life!

 Q. What are my important lines?

A. The Life line starts under the index (Jupiter) finger and curves around the thumb. The Head line starts near the Life line and crosses the palm. The Heart line starts under the little (Mercury) finger and ends near the index (Jupiter) finger. Some people have a Fate or Destiny line that crosses the palm vertically.


Q. How can you tell what has happen, is happening or will happen?

A. The condition of the major lines is important. I notice if they are deep or light, feathery, form islands, fade out, fade in, change direction and have tiny dints or forks arising from them. I also look at the position and direction of the many small influence lines or obstacle lines coming into, or crossing, the major lines. 


Q. Where do you look for what is the best type of career for me?

A. To read palms we look at every aspect. I would look at the shape of the hands, their length and the length of the fingers for the personal style of expression and communication style. Next I would look at the Head line for thinking style. It is important to pay attention to the Life line and Destiny line, if it is present, for the need for security in a career. Also I would look at the degree of creativity compared to the degree of planning as shown in the palm, and the degree of will-power and determination as show by the thumb. Then we put all these factors together to suggest the personal strengths that could be best utilised in a particular type of career. Thus there is not just one place that is particular to any question.


Q. Why do you look at both hands?

A. The dominant hand, usually the right, shows the current situation and physical life that is clearly seen by everybody. This hand shows physical health, career, and opportunities or obstacles from the outer material world.

The passive hand, usually the left, is the past and the life that is kept hidden within oneself and only shared with loved ones. This hand shows emotional health, feelings, influences from the past, and opportunity or obstacles from the inner emotional and spiritual world.

I always smile and tell people to make sure to bring both hands to a reading. One day I will get caught short when I meet an amputee!

All the best,

Kerry Galea


A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.                        Knights of Pythagoras


In Roman days it was rude to point the long finger at anyone. It was known as Digitus Impudicious, which roughly translates as the “impudent digit”. It symbolised the male genitalia and was a very derogative gesture; just the same as it is today. Times don’t change all that much!


1. pegkd - September 5, 2008

Hey Kerry – – I enjoy your blog and love the way the FAQs are laid out — clear and concise! Thanks for broadening the understanding of hand analysis!


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