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Your Forecasts for September October 2008 September 3, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


Your relationship zone is being affected by the backwards movement of Mercury. You like to look ahead. But your beloved will be indecisive and reflective. Then in the middle of October, Mercury goes forward and you also have a Full Moon in Aries. This heightens your emotional energy, and you now feel like you and your partner are on the same wavelength.


September brings a busy focus which could play out in your working environment. A simple exercise routine can release pent up energy.  Venus enters you relationship zone late in September with the potential for harmony and deepening love. But energetic Mars comes along to suggest your loved ones may feel restless and edgy; so plan tension releasing activities together.


Your ruling planet Mercury is going backwards in your zone of personal creativity. Thus you have the golden opportunity to look within and discover how you want to express your unique essential nature. Its time to find your individuality, but the down-side of this energy is forgetfulness and misplacing things. Mercury begins its normal forward movement in mid October.


The equinox on the 23rd September symbolises the return to equality between the ancient Sun god and the Moon goddess. This equinox happens while the Moon is in Cancer, so this season you have the potential to be a powerful part of any reconciliation processes. This includes healing any friction by creating a balance, and can manifest by bringing harmony into lives as you reunite people.


Your money zone is completely stressed this season. So be prepared have some extra money put away for unexpected expenses. At the very least, learn a new skill; and budget!  But you are surrounded by people willing to take a risk, so a budget will be difficult. Mercury’s backwards movement affects your communication zone so you may easily forget, or not receive, important information.


You had a New Moon on 31st August in Virgo which began a process of letting go, and through this season you begin to see what you need to do for the future. As your ruler Mercury goes retrograde, allow yourself time to reflect on what your core values really are. The definitive agent of change will come as Saturn opposes Uranus in early November.


You have a New Moon on the 29th September suggesting this is the season of new beginnings for you. You will feel the urge to put things in motion, but you have unpredictable Mercury in your sign. Mercury is going backwards until 17th October so it could feel like you are being held back. Also double check all your decisions and communications.


With benefic Venus already in Scorpio, and action Mars entering in early October you have a lot of positive energy on your side. Mars brings the surge to focus on the big goals of life. This can be harnessed at the Scorpio New Moon on the 29th October. This is the perfect time to let go of old issues and look ahead to the future.


Saturn in your career zone suggests there is continued focus on your working life, be it paid or unpaid. But this season Venus enters Sagittarius suggesting its time to think about what you really want to do. Do you like what you work at? Venus is the goddess that brings beauty and harmony and peace. Does your “work” do this for you?


This season you have Jupiter, the king of the gods, giving you a helping hand as it changes direction and moves forward whilst in Capricorn. This suggests that any plans that have been on delayed for the last few months will resolve. But that quicksilver planet Mercury is still delaying anything to do with work issues until later in October.


This season your shared money and resources zone is being challenged. This suggests that there will be issues over finances or facilities that you share with other people. Planning a budget or a sharing program will help, but to make it work without tension this needs to be agreed to by all parties. Also check that your investments are being managed carefully.


Early September you will have a Full Moon in your sign. This is an empowering but challenging time as you see the changes that need to be made. But the people that are important to you are cautious and want certain situations to remain the same. This is the season to ponder how to help yourself, and them, adjust to these important changes.


1. Kerry - October 6, 2008

Hello Mary,

You are picking up the huge changes underway as Pluto finally enters Capricorn later this year. This will affect us all, and I am not surprised that a sensitive person like yourself can feel the global experiece as well as whatever is happening to you on a personal level. Planetary activity can certainly explain what is happening and help you to understand it. Thats what Astrology is all about 🙂
All the very best

2. Mary Lucille - October 6, 2008

there seems to be a lot of earth changes at present. I am perceiving intensity in my body. Can planetary activity account for any of this?

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