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Pluto – A dog or a god, or a dog-of-a-god; What does he mean for the future? November 2, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

Pluto is simply one of the planets in our solar system; and physically it is just a small lump of rock a very long way away. But it has a very big image.

It was named after the God of the Underworld; not the friendly Walt Disney character! The God of the underworld is someone to respect. And because he is small, Pluto has recently been demoted into a dwarf planet. But I respect a dwarf god of the underworld just like I respect a dwarf Tiger Snake!

Pluto, also called Hades, brings challenges, reveals the truth, shows us endings and beginnings and is a true transformational energy. It is about to enter Capricorn and change the theme of an entire generation. In the next paragraphs, let me take you on a journey of Pluto through the generations, to see for yourself the changes that occurred in the past, and thus you will see what is likely to happen in the future Each generation learnt a lesson, and the knowledge they learnt will pass onto to future generations.

 Pluto was in Gemini in 1833 to 1914. This was the generation that grew up with the new technology of photography, telephones and film. Women also got to vote and were able to speak up about inequalities between the sexes. Thus Pluto transformed the worlds “voice”.  This Gemini generation learnt the lesson of communication, and the value of opinion.

 Pluto was in Cancer from 1914 to 1937. This generation was born during WW1 and lived through WW2. They experienced or saw a constant change in countries borders and allegiances, dislocations of people from their homes, experienced forced immigration, and learnt to settle new countries. Thus this Cancer generation learnt the lesson of security and the protection of the home.

 Pluto was in Leo from 1937 to 1957 and as they grew up the Leo’s symbol of the ego expressed itself in the cars, boats, homes, “biggest-is-best” of the 80’s and the extravagances that went with it. They are the “hippy” generation that is now becoming the “hip replacement” generation. Thus they refuse to grow old and have embraced cosmetic surgery with gusto and coined the term “spend-the-kid’s-inheritance”. Thus Pluto transformed the world’s idea of self-expression and became known as the “me” generation. This Leo generation is leaning the lesson of the ego.

 Pluto was in Virgo form 1957 to 1971. This generation is generally obsessed with the health and  fitness industries. They are the “clean-up crew” that embrace scientific advances, health care and personal growth. Preventative medicine and transplants programs were initiated during this time. These people embrace the idea of getting back to grassroots and having a simpler life; all perfect aspects of a Virgo generation having the power to transform the world.   This generation Virgo is learning the lessons of self-analysis & attention to detail.

 Pluto was in Libra from 1972 to 1983 and this generation believes in equality and social connections and the possibility of a “better” world. This generation talks about endless possibilities but they can be too indecisive to take action. They are now old enough to be stepping into world leadership roles and since this generation really understands that there is only 7 degrees of separation between anybody, they will be the “connectors” between people of all countries. This Libra generation is leaning the lesson of participation with others as equals.

 Pluto was in Scorpio from 1984 to 1994 and this generation experienced terrorism, sexual freedom, HIV-Aids crisis and grew up knowing that intimacy and sex can kill. During this time anything that was previously considered a taboo was now forced into the open. Interestingly this was a time that men’s deodorants to mask perceived “bad smells” became hugely popular. But the Pluto in Scorpio generation knows that taboos have power and they do not mind exposing them. This generation has a dislike for anything superficial and is willing to experiment with power, to expose secrets, or to use the understanding of secrets on others.  This Scorpio generation is learning the lesson of ……….

 Pluto was in Sagittarius from 1995 to 2008. Sagittarius represents the endless search for freedom, and knowledge through religious experience or via education. This generation was born during a time that freedom (flying) comes at a price (Twin Towers) and the rise of religious fundamentalism.  The last time Pluto was in Sagittarius from 1749 to 1763 Europe went through its Age of Enlightenment which was a huge growth in cultural, social, artistic and academic knowledge. Explorers climbed to great heights and sailed the oceans of the world.  Therefore I expect this current generation of Pluto in Sagittarius people will strive with vigor to explore space as the last frontier. This Sagittarian generation is learning the lesson of freedom and truth.

 Looking back we see that when Pluto was in Capricorn from 1515 to 1532 the Protestant Reformation broke down the rigid medieval order. The world was circumnavigated for the first time. The Spanish landed in Mexico which led to the downfall of the Aztec empire, while in Asia the Ottoman Empire arose to be a dominant world power. The next time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1762 to 1777.  Steam engines rapidly lead to mechanisation of the work force. The American War of Independence took the balance of power away from England. This beautiful country, Australia, was settled; much to the detriment of the native peoples. In all cases the established rule was forever changed.

 So what will this coming generation of Pluto in Capricorn people bring?

 It does not take too much of a leap to know that this cycle of Pluto through Capricorn will lead to government issues, the need to break away from the old order and create a new order. Those who want power will get it; those that rely on outdated ideals will lose it. So some governments will fall, there will be a compulsion for a new order and the willingness to change to get it.

 I believe that over the next few years America will be replaced by China as the new dominant world ruling power. But America will be the last place that accepts that it has happened. Here in Australia we will divorce ourself from English royalty, and create a new form of republic. Banking corporations will struggle under the continuing economic downturn and bad investment decisions by semi-government bodies and private businesses will lead to their collapse which will affect us at a local level.

 Success lies in being part of the new and dynamic social conscious that will replace the current devotion to obsolete ideas. It will be a difficult transition, but we can adapt, just as we did in the past, and we can grow with the new business and society that will thrive.

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