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Your Sun Sign Forecast. Nov-Dec 2008 November 2, 2008

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


There is a lot of activity in your zone of resources, and your zone of debt, so concerns over “who owes what to who” is the result. Are you wasting your assets? The planets then line up in your zone of expansion, and its time for study or a trip, so take a risk and learn something new.


You like stability, but this November there is a significant Full Moon in Taurus which highlights Neptune. This results in heightened creativity and also brings in confusion. No wonder you don’t feel in control. But a connection between Jupiter and Venus in December brings opportunity, and a renewed interest in the future and deciding what you really want to do.


There is a call to pay attention to your health and take responsibility, perhaps for a young person. Your relationship zone is being activated; hence new people will enter your life. So expect new friends and social occasions especially with Full Moon in Taurus. In late December you may find out information about assets and the importance of the word “share”. 


Venus enters your love sector and along with beneficial Jupiter promises to brighten connections to other people. But Pluto is also coming in, and will complicate, not just love, but all your relationships. The planets are calling you to face up to your vulnerabilities and all that you have ignored; its time to stretch yourself and stop hiding under that shell.


A dynamic aspect between Saturn and Uranus is directly affecting your money houses. Then through December there is a concentration of planets coming into your 6th house with changes to your daily routine and increased responsibilities possibly indicating a new role at work. An important time to watch regarding work and money issues happens around mid December.


Don’t rest yet; just when you think you have everything all stabilised, along comes disruptive Uranus to show you a few cracks in the wall so you know what to work on next.  The good news is that Venus will be activating a number of planets in your zone of fun times and suggesting that there really is something special to celebrate.



You are the master of negotiations and keeping the balance; and your skills will be put to good use this season. Your ruler Venus enters the home zone which will bring benefits to some family members. But Pluto is also coming into this area and bringing complications to others.  A realisation about bad habits will improve how healthy you feel.



The recent New Moon in Scorpio makes you focus on the future. The planetary attention in your 2nd zone of money during November makes you think of your assets. Then later in the season its time to focus on acquiring new connections and building your support networks. Is it time to commit, to learn, or time to teach; or all three?



The dynamic between Saturn and Uranus is influencing your job or your role. You have been trying to work through any difficulties, but now it’s time to make changes. The Sagittarius New Moon late in November is time for you to make new beginnings. Venus is bringing you benefits, especially to your assets, suggesting a better paid job is possible.



Venus in your sign brings benefits and Pluto, the god of the underworld, enters Capricorn late November. Rid yourself of what is no longer useful, and build up what you value. The New Moon in Capricorn late December can be seen as the beginning of this whole new way of life for you. “Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of you life”.



There is activity in your social networks and groups of people. Venus enters Aquarius later in the season which can bring new, or deepening, love connections into your life. If you are paying attention to your money and budget, you may find yourself with a little extra cash for that something special. But carelessness will lead to trouble, especially in late December.



You have been waiting for this time. Attend to the challenges that other people will bring. Uranus asks you to change, Saturn asks you to lay down new boundaries and structures.  There will also be a new moon late in November bringing new beginnings; a perfect time to build what YOU want. This can be used to improve your work and career prospects.


1. CheyAnne Sexton - November 20, 2008

sounds so good and how apropro for me right now

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