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News from the Sky in January 2009 January 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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1st Jan Mercury moves into Aquarius    

Our thoughts and ideas flash with innovative notions.                                 

 3rd JanVenus moves into Pisces

The goddess of love now moves into the soulful sign and we all desire a special place of love and peace.

 6th Jan Jupiter moves into Aquarius

The planet of beliefs that can think-outside-the-box now moves into a sign that loves to think-outside-the-box.

 11th Jan Full Moon in Cancer at 2.26pm AEDT

This is a sentimental time when we have a preference for our home and the company of families.

 11th Jan Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius (appears to move backwards)

We begin to work and reflect on the ideas begun at the start of the month. Some are good, some are discarded, some information is found to be misleading and for others, it feels like the OFF button has been pressed.  

 20th Jan Sun moves into Aquarius

Happy Birthday to all you Aquarians.  You are the light that can help the rest of us see the truth and another way of being.

 21st Jan Mercury moves back into Capricorn while retrograding

Ideas will seem to stall and get stuck in the mud, but mud can become good solid building blocks. Nothing will move forward until 2nd February, and then expect ideas that have substance to be successful.

 26th Jan New Moon in Capricorn at 6.55pm AEDT with Solar Eclipse (not seen here)

We begin a process of applied industry and a sense of duty. Our responsibilities are taken seriously as we focus on the need for practical applications towards our future.


What’s that in the Sky?

 For all you early birds

The only planet visible is Saturn, the slow moving steady creamy light known as the King of the Gods. He is a father figure and his steady march through the sky was said to govern time itself. You will be able to see the constellation of the Scorpion which is clearly visible with reddish Antares shining in its neck. Below them you can imagine the constellation of Ophiuchus with the entwining Serpent directly on the horizon.

 For all you night owls

Venus is still visible as the evening star, but only just. She is following the Sun and will fade out of sight very quickly in the early evening. The main feature is Orion, the majestic warrior, rising high and higher as the month passes. He is standing upside down in the sky. We see his belt as the feature known as the Saucepan. But see it as the ancients did and imagine the huge stately figure of Orion protecting the heavens, and us, from harm.

 All the best for january!














































































































































Palmistry FAQs January 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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It seems people have love on their mind this month. Here are some questions that I have been asked.

 Q. I have pointed finger tips while my boyfriend has square finger tips. And I have read that our relationship is doomed to failure. Why?

A. Your differences will need to be understood. He has a practical streak that loves rules and regulations. While you have an idealistic streak that loves variety, appreciates beauty and delights in a sparkling social life.  If you take the time and care to appreciate each others strengths then you can safely grow your love. He can help you make your dreams real, and you can inspire him to see new possibilities. That’s why opposites attract; as long as we don’t expect them to be in our own image.


Q. I don’t have any relationship lines under my little finger. Will I find love?

A. Love will find you! Its just you are not going to go out actively “hunting” your beloved. You will want a love that is based on deep friendship and equal partnership. Your partner will also be your best friend, your confidant and your mate. The idea of enmeshment or complete union of souls is not ideal for you, and probably feels like you are being suffocated.  So you will likely find a future partner in the work place, in your sports activities or in your hobby groups. You won’t find them gazing dreamily into your eyes at the local drinking place!  


































































Moon Gardening for January 2009 January 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Moon Gardening.
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To get the most out of your garden try planting with the Moon. It works!

Fun Moon
Fun Moon

2nd – 3rd January
Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals.
6th – 8th January
Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially fruiting annuals.
11th January
Full Moon in Cancer Have a rest and take care of yourself.
12th January
Waning Fertile 3rd Quarter. Maintenance, prune for growth and its still a good time to plant root crops
16th – 20th  and 24th – 25th Jan

Waning Fertile 4th Quarter
Time for maintenance so tidy up, weed, and mulch to conserve water.
26th Jan
New Moon in Aquarius. You deserve a rest. Start thinking of an unusual planting or garden feature.
29th – 30th Jan
Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter.  Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals.
Any dates not mentioned are “barren” times and good for weeding and pest control
Kerry Galea Moon Gardener, Astrologer and Palmist
P: 5126 2135 E: kerrygalea@bigpond.com W:www.kerrygalea.com


Your Sun Sign Forecast January 2009 January 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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With Jupiter moving to activate your zone of fellowship expect to get interested in groups and colleagues. In fact, there is a New Moon here that is starting you on a journey of being more involved in the bigger picture. You could be called to get involved in the community or in a cause. You will be frustrated when changes or delays occur, but these are outside your control. Remember to still keep an eye on the smaller things, and the simple yet effective contribution you can make.



This is an intense period regarding your job or with authority figures in your life. If there have been problems they will come to a head and need resolution. People that have authority over you will likely change their minds and perhaps renege on a deal. Go for the position you want; even though there will be an initial knock-back. For some of you it may be time to look for a new job, or a new role. The position of Venus suggests pleasant times will be spent with like-minded people making big plans.



Your natural curiosity will be activated and the desire for freedom will be strong. It will be a busy month as some will want to travel, or to learn something new. Yet others will deepen their spiritual journey. You will meet some exciting and different people that can expand your mind. Venus promises that you will get a break from the hassles at home and at work. The Full Moon will highlight where you are leaking money and what steps need to be taken to resolve a debt.



You will find that the special people in your life will be full of complications and drama, and share secrets with you. Issues can revolve around money. It will seem that you are continually giving more and more of your time and energy. You may need to retreat into your safe place and withdraw. But the people you love will still want to feel your support. There is a full Moon in Cancer that makes you feel exposed and vulnerable to whatever is happening. Venus suggests you ask advice of wise counsel to help you help others.



Your day to day routine will get a whole lot more complex. Its time to quickly put some new routines in place or you will trip up somewhere and have egg on your face. Remember to take care of your health. Numerous planets are activating your relationship zone and thus many new relationships will be made. One of these will turn out to be a mistake as first appearances are deceiving. Another person will change their mind about something. Also be careful you don’t inadvertently throw something valuable away.



Virgo’s know about service and it will be your buzzword this January. It’s a time of taking responsibility and working very hard. Life suddenly becomes serious for your children and they need support in rising to new challenges. Even your hobbies become a challenge as you become more inspired with new ideas. The good thing is that Venus brings in a definite improvement in your love life. Remember to keep up the balancing act and adapt to complex situations while still allowing some time for yourself.



With the Full Moon in your career zone you will find out something that your work place, or authority figures, has planned. But most of the attention will be focused on social activities and young people around you. It’s the perfect time to have a party or a celebration. So it will be hard to pay attention at work. Mars is placed in your home zone and thus there will be some tensions here that require attention. Also attend to any renovations or building damage before it gets out of hand.



Possible problems with neighbours can cause concerns. The area is feeling vulnerable and everyone is strongly motivated to protect his or her home and personal space, so any disharmony will be noticeable. Your siblings could bring up issues with your parents or family members that need attention. Also your home may need some repairs. Venus is smiling on you to bring in some new and exciting social engagements and fun. And a desire to stretch your boundaries may be realised, either in what you do, or in where you want to live.



What has been happening with your money? The January Full Moon is going to illuminate your financial situation and what you share with other people. You may not like what you find. Information seems to be plentiful, but you could easily be misled. So double-check everything you are told, or have assumed. Delay signing contracts or making agreements until later in February. A close family member or sibling will reconnect and old hurts fade away. Let them go and allow a process of forgiveness; both ways.



Its time for you to shine and have faith in what you have to offer. Yes, the world is changing, but the universe is offering you enormous reserves of inner strength and a sense of purpose at the moment. Now you can solve any financial problems. The emotional impact could have you feeling drained of energy, but now is not the time to rest. In fact, be assertive. Venus is in a position to give you diplomacy in dealing with others and making the necessary decisions for successful outcomes.



Your innovative Aquarius nature will hold you in good stead as you make a stand and project yourself forward. Even if you prefer to remain in the background you will be noticed, so take advantage of it and show the world who you are, and what you want. Its OK to change your mind or change your appearance. So allow a new makeover or new style for your self. Venus is smiling on your zone of finances that can suggest a lucky streak, or at least a get-out-of-jail-free card.



Venus is in your sign so hence this month is perfect for some self-indulgent pampering. You cannot be the sacrificial suffering lamb all year. There is also a yearning for spiritual fulfilment so go find your sacred space and connect to the divine. You may find it in church, in the bush, in the paddock, or even in the garage. If you don’t know what it is you are yearning for, then sit quietly with yourself and allow yourself to dream. New love and deepening of existing love is also a possibility.