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News from the Sky in January 2009 January 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

1st Jan Mercury moves into Aquarius    

Our thoughts and ideas flash with innovative notions.                                 

 3rd JanVenus moves into Pisces

The goddess of love now moves into the soulful sign and we all desire a special place of love and peace.

 6th Jan Jupiter moves into Aquarius

The planet of beliefs that can think-outside-the-box now moves into a sign that loves to think-outside-the-box.

 11th Jan Full Moon in Cancer at 2.26pm AEDT

This is a sentimental time when we have a preference for our home and the company of families.

 11th Jan Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius (appears to move backwards)

We begin to work and reflect on the ideas begun at the start of the month. Some are good, some are discarded, some information is found to be misleading and for others, it feels like the OFF button has been pressed.  

 20th Jan Sun moves into Aquarius

Happy Birthday to all you Aquarians.  You are the light that can help the rest of us see the truth and another way of being.

 21st Jan Mercury moves back into Capricorn while retrograding

Ideas will seem to stall and get stuck in the mud, but mud can become good solid building blocks. Nothing will move forward until 2nd February, and then expect ideas that have substance to be successful.

 26th Jan New Moon in Capricorn at 6.55pm AEDT with Solar Eclipse (not seen here)

We begin a process of applied industry and a sense of duty. Our responsibilities are taken seriously as we focus on the need for practical applications towards our future.


What’s that in the Sky?

 For all you early birds

The only planet visible is Saturn, the slow moving steady creamy light known as the King of the Gods. He is a father figure and his steady march through the sky was said to govern time itself. You will be able to see the constellation of the Scorpion which is clearly visible with reddish Antares shining in its neck. Below them you can imagine the constellation of Ophiuchus with the entwining Serpent directly on the horizon.

 For all you night owls

Venus is still visible as the evening star, but only just. She is following the Sun and will fade out of sight very quickly in the early evening. The main feature is Orion, the majestic warrior, rising high and higher as the month passes. He is standing upside down in the sky. We see his belt as the feature known as the Saucepan. But see it as the ancients did and imagine the huge stately figure of Orion protecting the heavens, and us, from harm.

 All the best for january!














































































































































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