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Palmistry FAQs January 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.

It seems people have love on their mind this month. Here are some questions that I have been asked.

 Q. I have pointed finger tips while my boyfriend has square finger tips. And I have read that our relationship is doomed to failure. Why?

A. Your differences will need to be understood. He has a practical streak that loves rules and regulations. While you have an idealistic streak that loves variety, appreciates beauty and delights in a sparkling social life.  If you take the time and care to appreciate each others strengths then you can safely grow your love. He can help you make your dreams real, and you can inspire him to see new possibilities. That’s why opposites attract; as long as we don’t expect them to be in our own image.


Q. I don’t have any relationship lines under my little finger. Will I find love?

A. Love will find you! Its just you are not going to go out actively “hunting” your beloved. You will want a love that is based on deep friendship and equal partnership. Your partner will also be your best friend, your confidant and your mate. The idea of enmeshment or complete union of souls is not ideal for you, and probably feels like you are being suffocated.  So you will likely find a future partner in the work place, in your sports activities or in your hobby groups. You won’t find them gazing dreamily into your eyes at the local drinking place!  


































































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