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Latest News from the Planets February 2009 February 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

  1st Mercury halts its apparent backward motion and moves Direct

 3rd Venus moves into Aries

 5th Saturn exactly opposite Uranus (for the 2nd of 5 contacts)

 5th Mars moves into Aquarius

 10th Full Moon in Leo at 1.49am AEDT with Lunar Eclipse

 12th Sun conjunct Neptune in Aquarius

 15th Mercury moves into Aquarius

 18th Sun moves into Pisces

 24th Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius

 25th New Moon in Pisces at 12.35pm AEDT


What’s that in the Sky?  

(for the magnificant sky in Victoria, Australia)

 For all you night owls-

Venus has been magnificent in the western sky but she will become closer and closer to the setting Sun and will soon be invisible. For those who stay out late, Saturn is visible but he is similar in size to the stars and hard to see.

 For all you early birds-

Mercury will be fleetingly visible in the wee small hours as a light that moves faster than the starry background before the sun comes up. But you will need to spend some time looking at the eastern horizon to notice it.  For those that have a good view of the eastern horizon you may be lucky to see Mars and Jupiter as well. They are only the distance of an open hand from the sun. But perhaps stay in bed and wait till next month when they are very clear.



















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