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Your Sun Sign Forecast for February 2009 February 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


Venus comes into your sign early this month bringing people who want to be with you and good activities happening around you. Therefore it’s a good time to begin new or deepen existing relationships. The Full Moon illuminates your zone of enjoyment, love and children. If you go with the flow, it can all happen very easily and smoothly. But a habit does need to be changed; it is affecting your health. And this is the perfect month to be able to make the adjustments needed.


This month there is still lots of energy and possible changes to your hobbies or to your work. Both these areas will need your input to get the results you want. As you make your decisions, have a careful look at your home or your parent’s situation. They may be able to help, or they may need help. Children could feel blocked and need freedom. New friendships could stall as an old friend has alternative ideas that you need to hear; even if you later discount them.


Any disharmony in your working life is back on the agenda. Work or your public role will demand more and more attention. And your home just feels like a place of drudgery. The sense of freedom and space can be gained from friend and colleagues and they offer a relaxing and safe group to shelter within. Ideas and innovations will flow from them to you. Taking many short trips which will clear you mind, and help you to be aware of your true feelings.


There continues to be emphasis on your money and shared assets which is weighting on your mind. And you feel that people involved in the situation are unreliable. All Cancerians need to feel secure and protected. That’s why your symbol the crab has a shell! But it seems your shell is cracking under pressure. This is felt only because you have outgrown the old one. So find a bigger shell; the “shell of knowledge”. This month learn everything you can and ask questions.


This is a significant month with a Full Moon in your sign. This calls for you to shine and show your true self. For a few of you the feeling of exposure and the surging of emotions is disturbing. For others; you can grab the strength and energy to achieve more than you expected. There will be attempts by the world to make you feel worthless. Stay clear of those situations by having a place of peace and quiet so you can retreat away from world when you need to.


This is yet another month when the battle between Uranus, the planet of rebellion, and Saturn, the planet of stability, suggests that you need to make some adjustments to your world. Other people could be asking you to change. It also could involve a spiritual realisation or insight which shows you how certain behavioral habits are afflicting you. Look closely at all habits that are ingrained into your nature. A good example is the word “should” or the word “duty”. Do they hold you back?


Your zone of love and creatively is still enhanced this month. The need to socialise and enjoy life means you are not paying attention to important issues. Changes need to be made in the area of health, and situations where you feel a sense of obligation. The Full Moon in the zone of friends can mean they illuminate these questions for you. In fact, they could be too open and honest for your liking. There may be people that are making you uneasy, but trust in your love.


You will be seen and recognised for being you. As a Scorpio you may prefer to hide, but the Full Moon is ensuring you will be noticed. Take advantage of this and apply for advancement at work, or for a new job. At the same time be true to yourself and keep a safe and private space close by. Creativity will also be enhanced, so allow yourself to be expressive.  There are repairs to be made around the home and you may also need to “fix” relationships with family members.


The urge to move is incredibly strong. If you are “stuck” then people at work may bear the brunt of your restlessness. They could react in a negative manner and become hard to get along with. So take a trip, or become involved in plans for moving, even if you help someone else move! Venus in you zone of joy and love suggests that there could be a happy celebration involving children or siblings. Enjoy this month knowing that new situations and knowledge will come to you easily.  


Your ability to receive and impart information is being activated this month. Added to this is the Full Moon in your zone of hidden and private matters. You will be like a human antenna receiving so much information on the intellectual, and on the deeply personal levels. Some of you will feel it psychically, while others will reach a purely logical understanding of complicated matters. The key is to value the information and treat the information you have received as sacred. Lastly, buy that new item for the home!


All the planets are congregating in Aquarius so take the energy supplied and START IT NOW! Whatever you have been planning, or wanted to happen, has the potential to begin now. You just have to reach out and take the initiative. The Full Moon is in the zone of relationships so expect at least one person to react in an emotional way. They will do that even if you stay stuck in your current rut. If the situation revolves around money; be prepared to compromise.


The restless urge to change is strong this month and you can meet people who seem to hold you back. Venus in your money zone suggests you could be lucky, especially around the end of the month. Or you could spot something beautiful that you “just have to have”. With the Full Moon in the zone of rituals it may be time to do the regular things like health check-ups, or have some quiet time with your beloved to reach a much needed understanding.










































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