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March 2009 Sun Sign Forecast March 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


As Venus spends the next few months in sign, many people, opportunities and pleasant situations will continue to be attracted to you. Allow yourself the luxury of having the good things of the world come to you instead of you going out and struggling to get it. Note that when Venus goes retrograde there may be certain promises that are put on hold till next month. The New Moon on the 27th March is in Aries and perfect for setting new goals or reorganising old ones. Take the initiative and act on your instincts.


With planets in the zone of humanitarian interests there is plenty of external world work to be done, and groups of people wanting you time. Either a group of friends, or an organisation that involves you, will make a surprising announcement. You will be noticed; so no good hiding your head. And with so many people around you both offering and asking for assistance you can feel that you have revealed too much of yourself. While there are worthwhile opportunities to be gained to enhance your reputation, you will definitely need some space by yourself at the end of the month.


Mars enters your zone of worldly status in the middle of the month and thus the way people perceive you will be altered. This may be reflected at work or in community or organizational roles you have undertaken. It may come as you take on a position of responsibility or leadership, or you decide that you deserve a better job. There may be issues with those in authority who try to push you around. The Full Moon is in your home zone and illuminates the need to take responsibility for your house or your immediate family.


Your zone of discovery is activated. That means it time to learn something new, take a course, explore a place you have never been, take a holiday, or even run away from the situation you are in. It’s no shame to need time-out, or to do it impulsively. The world has been feeling heavy for a while, so enjoy the escape that is offered. The secret is to learn something new. With the Full moon also lighting up in your zone of short journey you will not let the moss grown under your feet this month.


Money continues to be an issue as planets gather in your zone of debt. Some of you will be solving your financial problems, others will be adding to them! This is the month when you realise that if you focus on your money management skills you can successfully manage them. And if you focus on debt then you will get more of that! Even the Full Moon is in the act as she lights up your zone of money. Education becomes very important especially later in the month. What do you have to learn?


There is a Full Moon in your sign in March where you can realise how much you have been holding onto the past beliefs and outmoded ideals. This can focus most strongly around resentments of the important people in your life, especially around mid March.  If a relationship is damaged; there may be more disagreements and tension. They desire a sense of freedom and the power to make their own decisions. On the other hand relationships that are working well still need to be renewed and enriched with some stimulating fun times.


Venus will remain in your zone of relationships for some time. As she turns retrograde you will reflect on all your connections. What type of person do you attract? You may also find new joy in existing relationships. This month will also be full of taking care of the many small, but significant, details of life. You may feel bogged down with being responsible and issues of duty. Although you are busy, the daily grind will make you feel like you are becoming invisible.  Take the opportunity to start important rituals with health and exercise.


With you zone of fun being activated there is a creative and playful energy happening around you. This can occur in the area of new and delightful connections to others. Some of you will experience this with your love life or increased interactions with your children or younger people. Or you can suddenly find your social life is full. The creative Scorpios will be buzzing with ideas on creative self-expression. Others will take care of a myriad of details that need attention. If you feel low, then rearrange your working space to make it more pleasant.


With a concentration of planets entering your domestic zone there are lots to be done at home or with family members. This will distract you from your working and social life. The Full Moon will awaken you to all you have neglected. This will peak around mid March and a much needed change will occur. You will have had quite enough of attending to domestic duties and yearn for some stimulating fun times and the chance to escape. And joy, oh joy, you will get some breaks in the last two weeks of March.



Your money zone continues to be activated. This time something you value will be taken away from you. You are normally so careful over money.  Therefore you will be distressed when you have a time of losing valuables, money or forget to pay bills. It may even be an idea you value. Then your zone of short journeys is activated, so movement is likely. But the Full Moon shows that longer travel and education, holidays and study for instance, is being hindered. Thus there is conflicting energies; with you stuck in the middle.


You are keenly aware of new ideas and the overwhelming need and urge to push forward. As an Aquarian, you like to know exactly “how, what and when”, to do something. The problem now is that this propulsive energy is going off in so many directions that the result is mass confusion. You will not know what actions to actually take. Luckily Mars, the planet of high energy, is leaving your sign by mid March which allows you to relax a little.


With planets entering Pisces the good news is that you will feel like you have returned to yourself. There is a sense of being unhindered by others demands and expectations. This will give you a long needed sense of freedom. With the Full Moon shining on your zone of relationships you can see clearly why your special people have reacted as they have. Mars also enters your sign in Mid March and gives you a shot of energy and drive. You could use Mars to attack, or to finally come to grips with what changes you need for yourself.










































































































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