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March 2009 News from the Planets March 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.

7th Venus goes retrograde

9th Mercury enters Pisces

11th Full Moon in Capricorn at 1.37pm AEDT

15th Mars enters Pisces

20th Sun enters Aries

24th Sun square Pluto

26th Mercury enters Aries

27th New Moon in Aries at 3.05am AEDT

28th Sun conjunct Venus


For all you night owls-

You may get one last glimpse of Venus as she descends into the underworld at sunset and becomes invisible. This is the basis of the Descent into the Underworld myth common to many ancient cultures. Venus the evening Star is gone; but she will return as the Morning Star in April. Saturn, the king of the gods, dominates the night sky. While he is difficult to see, the Full Moon will help pinpoint him as it passes close on the 11th March.


For all you early birds

Jupiter and Mars will make an appearance on the western horizon just before dawn. Each morning Jupiter will appear higher and higher. The constellation of Virgo will be setting as the Sun rises.
















































































































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