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What’s in the Sky in April 2009 April 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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For all you night owls

Saturn is the only visible planet in the night skies.  The magnificent constellation of the Scorpion will become more visible as it rises in the east through the month. We will also see Leo with the bright star Regulus shining in his heart. And Virgo with its bright star of Spica. 



For all you early birds

If you night owls stay up all night until the early morning you will see the Scorpion take centre stage overhead. The brightest light rising in the east is Jupiter. Mars is not far behind but may get lost in the dawn as the Sun rises.

Venus is nowhere to be seen as she is travelling so close to the Sun that she is invisible and said to be travelling in the underworld in ancient mythologies.


























































Moon Gardening April 2009 April 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Moon Gardening.
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2nd -3rd April

Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals.

Late on the 8th and all day on the 9th April

Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially fruity annuals.

10th April

Full Moon in Libra Rest, relax and admire your garden!


11th- 12th and 16th -17th April

Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter Maintenance, prune for growth and
plant root crops


21st – 22nd April

Waning Fertile Moon 4th Quarter The Moon is in the wrong phase to plant. So keep up with the maintenance.

25th April

New Moon in Taurus Rest, and make plans.


26th April 29th – 30th

Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals.


Any dates not mentioned are “barren” times and good for weeding, pest control and general maintenance. Obey Rule 1 – Enjoy Your Garden!



























































































Sun Sign Forecasts for April 2009 April 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.
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With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Aries you will be making important connections. But from the 11th to the 23rd Venus turns her back on you and shows you what is not working. This is an important time to reflect on your hearts true desires. Ask yourself what is truly rewarding for yourself and the people you love. As Venus returns to you, Mars, the planet of action and your ruler, also enters Aries. There is no stopping you now and you can make create the outcomes that you now desire.


With Mercury, the planet of communication, in your sign for most of this month and you will want to speak up, to make fresh connections and to learn. When friends are acting impulsively you cannot stop yourself making a comment. The Full Moon also lights up your zone of responsibility and duty to yourself and others. It may also be time to pay attention to your health routines of diet and exercise. There is an important New Moon on the 25th in Taurus which heralds in greater understanding of in-depth issues.


The Full Moon will illuminate your zone of creativity, fun and also your children. So expect to be emotionally involved and caring with young(er) people in your life, and to want to enjoy yourself socially. A hobby or a creative pursuit will flourish. On the other hand there will likely be some unexpected changes involving your work place, or the people in it. If you have recently stepped into a position of leadership, or voiced your concerns, then expect a hiccup around the middle of the month.


With the Sun in your zone of worldly responsibilities and the Full Moon in your zone of home there will be an uncomfortable split between being needed at home by the family, and needed by other people at work.  Even if you don’t work, the world has expectations of you, and demands will be made of your time and energy. Where would you much rather be? Guilt is counterproductive, so divide your time as needed. And when you are where you need to be; then be there with every fiber, molecule and emotion that you have. 


You seem to have worked out your financial situation for the moment. The Full Moon in the zone of communications suggests you will be making new alliances and possibly moving around or making many small trips. This will involve a loved one. There may also be a reason to reconnect with a bother or sister. At the end of the month the New Moon is in your zone of worldly affairs. This indicates a new direction in your job and a new awareness of what authorities, bosses, and the world, expects of you.


With Mars in your zone of relationships there will be underlying tensions which can surface in the middle of the month. This is because you want something far different than your beloved. They need to feel free and be able to make sudden and impulsive decisions. You on the other hand need stability and structure and you want to commit to a specified course of action. I suggest you allow yourself to do as you need, and also allow them to do what they need. Confrontation will not work.



The Full Moon illuminates your sign this month. This brings total realisation of where you are going and what you are getting. For some of you this is confronting. If so; you now know what needs to be changed, but do you have the resources at this time to achieve it? Perhaps start planning a different outcome. For others, you will see clearly what to keep, and what to let go of.  Listen to the words of wisdom that will come out of the mouths of a child, a young people or a lover.


The Full moon in your zone of karma and hidden afflictions may bring up either unfounded or completely real fears. There is someone in your family that can help you release the hold that past fears have held over you. Just because it happened, does not mean it will happen again. Life is not a circle, it is a spiral. Expect some spontaneous, fun and outgoing social occasions to happen. And allow the young people or children in your life to stretch their boundaries, take a risk or simply experience some freedom.


With Mars causing disruption in your home zone expect to be undergoing repairs both structurally and emotionally.  This is not a lasting situation; it will flare up and quickly disappear. So take care you don’t over-react. The Full Moon occurs in your zone of friends and any groups you are involved with, and issues could surface. Although I expect the likely outcome is that you find that everybody really does have common goals and you become re-united. There will likely be a message for you, or you will find information that keeps everything balanced.


Pluto, the god of the underworld, begins his backwards journey in your sign this month. This brings in a time of deep pondering about your latest changes, or changes you are still considering. Allow your mind to travel inwards and you may be surprised at what you learn. The Full Moon occurs in your zone of work and worldly role. You will be noticed, so expect some rewards or luck to come your way. This is an ideal time to ask for a pay rise or for better working conditions.


Bored, penned it, feel like its time for a holiday? You do need some inspiration and a break away from the mundane ordinary things of life. The Full Moon lights up prospects of travel, adventure, new ideas and possible study. Any of this will lead you to think outside the square. There is likely to be an unexpected expense so perhaps you will spend some money to take that time-out you need.  Otherwise have a few pennies to spare for things that need fixing or replacing.


Changes that have come, or those that are coming, have lately been a constant theme for you. This month the planet of “sudden action” joins with planet of “revolution” in your sign. Pisces are not so comfortable with change. Yes, you usually float along and adapt readily, but this sudden explosive accumulation of energy could be uncomfortable. The best way is to face what is happening and embrace it. Grab it and use it to make adjustments and changes that benefit you. The only constant in life – is change.