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Palmistry FAQ’s – Finger Nails May 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Palmistry.
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When you come for a reading I will always look at your nails. Some of you wonder why? The shape and colour of your finger nails is very important.

Broad square nails show a calm, easy going open minded disposition. Small nails show a disposition that will look inward and be reflective. Long nails show intuition. Almond shaped nails show creative and sensitive characteristics. Fan shaped nails show an exploring, restless, perhaps nervous, disposition. 

White flecks show stresses, while pale nails can indicate tiredness. Ridging, either vertical or horizontal, can show health concerns, or is yet another indicator of stress.

So you can imagine that painted nails and false finger nails hide some information from this curious palmist!  🙂

































































What’s in the Sky – May 2009 May 2, 2009

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For all you night owls

Saturn continues to be the only visible planet in the night skies. For the untrained eye, he is very hard to see. Look at the sweep of sky between the two brightest stars of Regulus in Leo and Spica in Virgo for a creamy colored star. 

Make sure you look at the night sky on the 10th as the just past Full Moon nestles between the pincers of the Scorpion.  A Beautiful picture all night long!


 For all you early birds

In the very small hours of the morning you will see Jupiter rising overhead. Allow yourself to get excited when you see Venus creep up into the sky just before sunrise. Reddish colored Mars will be close behind. I am thinking of going for an early morning walk hoping to witness this. But note that I am not making any cold winter morning promises. J The best time will be around the 21st May as the crescent Moon joins Venus and Mars.
































































Moon Gardening May 2009 May 2, 2009

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6th – 8th May Waxing Fertile 2nd Quarter

Perfect for all planting. Some sources say devote the time to fruity annuals. But I will be using to time to plant everything!

9th May Full Moon in Scorpio

Rest and do nothing. Make time to be alone in your garden and indulge in deep reflective thought.

11th – 12th May Waning Barren Moon 3rd Quarter

Its time to harvest your crops for storage. This phase reduces crop loss in storage through mould and mildew.

13th – 15th May Waning Fertile Moon 3rd Quarter

Its time for maintenance, to prune for growth and plant root crops.

16th May Waning Barren Moon 3rd Quarter

Harvest your crops for storage.

18th – 19th and 23rd May  Waning Fertile Moon 4th Quarter

Keep up with the maintenance.

24th May New Moon in Gemini

Rest and do nothing. Talk to fellow gardeners and share ideas.


27th – 28th May Waxing Fertile 1st Quarter

Perfect for all planting, especially leafy annuals. I will be using this time to plant shrubs; exotic and native.


Any dates not mentioned are “barren” times and good for weeding and pest control.

Remember the Rule- Enjoy your garden!



Kerry Galea Astrologer and Palmist P: 03 5126 2135

E: kerrygalea@bigpond.com W:www.kerrygalea.com












































































Your May 2009 Sun Sign Forecast May 2, 2009

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With Mars and Venus remaining in your sign, lady luck is with you. The only issue holding you back is the Full Moon in a position to highlight your worries. These are either financial woes with an added unexpected expense. Or you don’t feel like you deserve what is within your reach; so its time to ponder on why you feel unworthy. Late in the month the New Moon brings information or gossip to your ears. Try as you might, you will not be able to keep it to yourself. 



The Full Moon is in your zone of relationships. So don’t be surprised when your loved ones needs take centre stage early this month. You on the other hand, feel that you have lost direction and cannot make up your mind what to do. This has the possibility to lead to distance and uncertainty in relationships. To help yourself, make sure people have really heard and understood you, and check that they got your messages the right way around, and even delay decisions if possible.



Your ruling planet goes retrograde on the 7th and you seem to spend the month just hovering, unable to move, and weighed down with worries. Even the Full Moon brings in worries about your health or things you “should” be doing. To counteract this, spend some time in a place you see as sacred and find some spiritual peace. All will change at the New Moon in Gemini later in the month which activates and inspires you. In the meantime, allow yourself this special reflective time to think. 



The Full moon early this month brings in social activity. So go out and celebrate, have a party or take up a new hobby with groups of friends. You are in the mood for light hearted fun and games. There could even be flirting and love could blossom; although it may not last. There is an interesting situation developing at work. It may look calm, but step warily as others are feathering their nests. Later in the month a friend may renege on a promise or let you down.



The Full Moon lights up your home zone this month. So you need to look around your home to make yourself comfortable, both physically and emotionally. What needs to be done? Later in the month you feel that your financial situation is doing fine. But squirrel away what you can, as a big expense is coming up before the end of the year. Be aware of delays and miscommunications at work. A decision will be reversed. This improves by the New Moon at the end of the month.



On the surface, this month you will appear to be in a holding pattern. While underneath you are very busy. Like a duck on water, gliding effortlessly along with its little feet paddling frantically. The paddling you are doing is learn, learn and learn. The Full Moon and your ruler are both leading you to look intensely at how you communicate and how you listen to what’s being said. It’s a time of deep reflection and the development of inner wisdom. So open your eyes, ears, and heart.



The Full Moon lights up your money zone this month. It may be time to have a look at your budget, find out where you have been wasteful and if you have shared resources, find out who” is spending “what”. If you have been feeling unworthy, or undeserving, then take the time to feel good about yourself. Are you thinking too much about other people; a typical Librian trait. At the end of the month you are likely to decide on a trip, or a way to expand your knowledge.



The Full Moon is in your sign and shines so bright that you cannot stay hidden. You will be noticed. It also reveals a connection to your beloved, or to the important people in your life. You will discover the real reason behind their indecisiveness or insecurities; or even that fact that they feel that way. Some of you will prefer not to know, others will embrace this deeper understanding. You need to decide whether to do something about it, or remain quiet. 



Your health zone is activated this month. There will be a temporary reversal in how you feel, so it’s an ideal month to begin an exercise program or a healthy eating diet. Any excess of the last few months have built up toxins which need to be released; both physically and emotionally. So deep resentments or secrets could surface this month, or you could realise just how holding onto them has affected you. Take responsibility for the things you can, and let go of those you cannot.



This is the month that new goals are being crystallizing in your mind. The planetary focus is on your zone of the “big picture”. This will come via clubs, organisations, networking groups, or involvement in humanitarian issues. In fact, I suggest you write down your current goals, and over the month you will find you need to rewrite them; especially those dealing with creative ideas. Your ruling planet, Saturn starts to move in a forward direction. So this month, the only delays you will experience are with celebrations or social events.



With the Full Moon highlighting the zone of your working life, you will find that life outside the home will demand most of your time and energy this month. To the extent that you will feel like you have neglected family members and domestic chores. Normally you would throw yourself into whatever work is needed, but this month there is a sense of being vulnerable and a feeling of being wounded. To minimize this, follow the Full Moon and focus on the outside world, and your own needs; and forget the rest.



Your zone of communication is under duress with Mercury retrograding. Say everything twice, and double check every form of communication, like computers and phones, that you are using. Don’t assume that you are understood. This is the perfect time to have a final look at unfinished work, and to polish off an idea or long letter; just don’t send it this month.  The Full Moon inspires you to think outside the square, so plan for a holiday or discover something new and exciting to expand your mind.