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June 2009 Sun Sign Forecast June 2, 2009

Posted by Kerry in Astrology.


Your zone of communication is activated, especially mid month. Sit it’s time to talk and pay attention to what people are saying. With the planet of surprises involved, I suggest you take particular care with both short and long trips. Venus and Mars are in your money zone you are going to find something good to spend your hard earned dollars on. Take care that it’s not just a spontaneous extravagance but something of value that you can treasure forever. Memories, love, people and places are also items of value.



This is a big month for you. Busy and vibrant, you are really stretching yourself. So much to do and so little time! If your energy levels are flagging then don’t worry as you have help as Mars the planet of activation enters your sign. He can be used to start anything, to finish old projects; or to start, or win, an argument. Venus in your sign shows that you will be able to attract what you need, especially who you want. Financial and money issues need to be looked at, especially around the Full Moon. 



After last month where you were going nowhere, this month is such a relief. The sun is beaming upon your and your ruler enters its own sign. Grab the sense of optimism and use it. Let your curiosity run rampant and take you to new experiences. If you keep alert there are opportunities or ideas regarding work although the family may seem like it is restraining you. The Full Moon is in your zone of relationships so you can see what motivates the important people in your life, and it even brings in new people. 



Your friends, social networks and the various groups around you are active this month. The first of two New Moons will occur in your sign. This one begins the prod into a forward direction, and you may begin to think of old habits or people that you need to release from your life. Your friends may be the catalyst into new goals and activities. While it may be uncomfortable for the majority of security loving Cancerians, it means you will be growing and becoming authentic to your own dreams and needs.



Your position in the world and your work will demand your total attention. Keep your mind focused on the possibility of a great opportunity. You are being noticed by the authorities. Diligence will be rewarded, while slacking off will get you a rap on the knuckles. A huge distraction will be the Full Moon in your creative zone leading your to think about social activities and your love life. It also brings up an ingenious idea which could get balance back into your life. Oh; are you really financially burdened or do you feel pressured?



The beautifully activating energy of Mars and Venus is lighting up you escape zone. It’s time to think outside the box and expand your life. There is much to be learnt and to explore. If you have been struggling making people understand that you need to escape, the Full Moon is a time of realisation for them. So while they are aware, act and make the necessary changes. With the Sun in your career zone involved in a planetary balancing act, it suggests there are some negotiations that need to be done at work. 



There are learning experiences and journeys around you. These could simply mean trips or holidays, or just constantly moving and activity, or some form of study. Be aware that there is something deeper going on. This is a time of sacred journeys where you are sharing deeply intimate situations. You don’t have to do anything. Just listen and learn and hold the experience sacred, support the people that need it, and know you have been of immense help. And through this you will receive something of great value.



With Venus and Mars connected in your relationship zone this is a month where connections to loved ones (and not so loved ones) improves and grows. Especially if you get out and do something active and fun together. If you sit at home playing old Darby and Joan then a few tensions could arise. There will be some issues with money and you could be asked to make a loan to someone, or take a risk on an investment. If you owe something then the collector will be calling; and it may not be money that you owe.



You are having a delicate balancing act between your needs and those that awaken your sense of responsibility. A situation at work may turn out to be an opportunity. Since the Full Moon is in your sign;

 it’s really all about you. Let it illuminate your world, and as you see into the shadows you will see what you need to release, what to change and what to aim for. Your ruler is going backwards and thus it’s important to allow yourself to be reflective, and to sort out the realities from the dreams.



There is a focus in your zone of responsibility to others and to yourself. So it could mean you are “doing and helping” But the Full Moon is magnifying your doubts and this can lead to nameless worries. Be like the practical Capricorn you are, and deal in a decisive manner with your concerns. Face the reality of the situation that is; not the one you wish it was. So make those important decisions. This is not all heavy going, as your zone of fun is also being activated so enjoy what’s on offer.



Yes, take that chance and see where you end up! It is time to do something unique and original. The timid will not inherit the earth. Be aware that these ideas will involve a cost which is likely to be money. The Full Moon shows that the cost could involve a friend, or group of friends who think you have let them down. This is not a time of being responsible; it’s a time of being individual and creative. At the same time a family situation increases its effect; either positive or negative.



The universe is offering you an intensely creative time or a time you could get lost in a fantasy. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true; then it is too good to be true. Those that keep their practical heads in place can infused with brilliant ideas and wonderful visions of possibilities. With the Full Moon in your career zone a wonderful business idea can be born. Let yourself reflect on all this and turn inward, both emotionally and literally, as your home will be your sanctuary.



























































































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